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Time (date) sent is text?

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Time (date) sent is text?

I think I might have asked this before, but. . . in an exported .csv report, the Time sent field (which also includes the date and the day of the week) is totally text. There is no way to sort by that column in a logical manner unless you parse out the info into separate columns. You're all about metrics - how about make it so we can use the information to view metrics? And if I am missing something - there is a totally easy way to do this, I do truly apologize. Just please tell me what it is.
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Hello @Lizziebeth10,


Thank you for bringing this up. I tried this in my account and was able to sort the column by A-Z or Z-A and this puts it in order from earliest to latest, or latest to oldest. Does this sorting option work for you? If you are still seeing an issue, would you be able to elaborate a bit on exactly what you're seeing and trying to sort by?



Original download, date descending

original download (date desc).JPG

Sort by total sent, just for the sake of example

total sent asc.JPG '

Sort again by Time sent

sort again by time sent.JPG

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Hello @Lizziebeth10,


Thank you so much for clarifying this for me, I understand now you're referring to exporting all your sent campaigns and apologize for this. I do see the same thing with that export and I have passed your feedback along to our engineers. Unfortunately, at this time there is no other workaround other than splitting the columns.


Thanks! It just seems really bizarre to me that CC is all about metrics - sort this, A/B test, show this, and yet two of the most-needed sets of data are either unusable without several steps of data massaging (text formatted date field) or not even provided (subject line). 
At least in this case I know it's not something I am doing.

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