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To be able to export all bounced email contacts from all campaigns / contacts in a single export.

To be able to export all bounced email contacts from all campaigns / contacts in a single export.

Our company manages a list of tens of thousands of contacts for very specific target accounts in our industry and send dozens of emails weekly. We need a way to export a list of all emails that bounced from all contacts across all campaigns so we know what specific emails need to be updated in our Client Relationship Management system. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to export each individual email results for bounced emails with the magnitude of work we use these emails for.
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Having to export each report and cross referencing it manually is really tedious
I would like the opportunity to see graphs that compare two stats for all email campaigns, i.e. bounce rate vs. time of day email sent, open rate vs. time of day or day of week, etc. Is this possible somehow? If not, I would at least like the option to download all reports for emails sent to one Excel file so I can do the graphs in Excel. I appreciate any insight you can provide on how best to accomplish this in your program.
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Is there a way to do this without clicking on the contact individually and scrolling through the emails they were sent to see if they have opened anything from us. **Removed By Moderator**

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I would like a clickable report when I try to add contacts and I can't because it says they've unsubscribed. I would like to know who these people are b/c these are people who say they want to get our emails, but don't. They blame us for this, when they've actually marked us as spam.
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I am shocked and furious that there is no easy way to delete all the contacts that aren't opening any of my emails. We should be able to just simply do a sort to show all the contacts that aren't active. Clearly this is your way of forcing me to pay for contacts that aren't active. Unbelievable!!!
It's very painful to have to go into each email and then look at the history of each contact. A report that would list anyone who has bounced within the last X emails and their history would be very helpful.
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It is difficult to manage my contact without being able to view the contact engagement by the list. It is too time consuming click on individual contacts. I need a function to download the history.
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Do not average all e-mails. I, for instance, have two groups, one is retail (customers), the other are businesses -- my wholesale accounts, which open at a lower rate than my retail subscribers do. I handle my B2B a bit differently than my B2C and would like to see the open rates not combined for an overall open rate average.
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It would extremely helpful if you could create one report that could be exported for all of the "bounced" emails...rather than having to go into each campaign and export them that way. I just exported the "unsubscribed" report and it is so easy to obtain. Thank you.

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It would be a lot easier to view year over year or month over month comparisons if the reporting system allowed you to aggregate an entire month or an entire year of data. So, if i wanted to see the total Sent/Bounces/Spam, etc for January 2015, there should be a way to do that instead of manually having to total everything up