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To help manage contacts, develop a way to review prolonged inactive contacts aggregately.

To help manage contacts, develop a way to review prolonged inactive contacts aggregately.

Currently one can only review historical opening patterns under each specific contact. It would be a real time saver to allow users to define time frame and/or # of campaign parameters to develop a “Did Not Open” contacts list. These stale emails can then be scrubbed from Contacts.
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This would also help in scrubbing the contacts that have had full mailboxes for extended periods of time indicating they no longer use that email.  I am always hesitant to remove an email that is listed under mailbox full as it could be someone who consistantly opens our marketing emails, but they just poorly managed their email space for a short period of time.

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I second this!! I have over 10,750 contacts and would like to purge those contacts who have not opened any emails for the last 6 months! As far as I can tell there is no way to do this without spending hours and hours looking at each contact individually! HELP!



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Yes, please!!!



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I agree. We have over 22,000 active users in our contacts. However, we have roughly 18,000 who don't open the emails. Would be nice to have a way to know who is continually not opening emails. This way we can change who we are targeting too and also not be charged for the emails that are not viewed.


Puh-LEEZE, Constant Contact, incorporate this idea! You've already got some good advanced search filters included re: contacts, why not take this a step farther and give users this functionality to help keep their marketing efforts more focused? I've had this conversation with phone support 2x, and have submitted the support suggestion more than once too. How about it?

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The current suggestion for scrubbing non-opening contacts is absurdly laborious!

"Open each campaign you sent for the past desired time frame and add the non-openers to a list"

Add to that, we'd like to filter new signups out of the list of non-engaged recipients, since they have not had enough opportunity to engage.  

Really, this needs to be updated.  Please! 


Yes! I'm still trying to figure out a way to do this using tags but since you can't create a list that has ALL the tags (my monthly unopened tags — I want to create a list of ONLY people who haven't opened in the past 6 months), I haven't figured out a solution that doesn't involve clicking each address individually.