Two features requested

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Two features requested

Dear Constant Contact Staff,


There are two features that would be very helpful for our church that I don't currently find in Constant Contact:

1) A way to see a list of when individual profiles were last updated, as a sort option in the main contact list (not only when they were added). Right now, I have to go in to each individual profile to find this information, and there are times when I'd like to see every contact that was recently updated on one list.

2) A way to print out a list of people who have not opened any of our emails within a chosen time span. Right now, the only way I find this information is to look at each profile individually. Is there a way to do this?


Thank you for your help.


Karen Skarpness, Secretary & Receptionist

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

4000 28th St S

Moorhead MN  56560


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Hi @GSMoorhead thank you for sharing your feedback! The good news is our contacts redesign addresses the customization of columns. This feature is available in our New Contacts Redesign experience which we hope to release to all customers. As for printing out a list of unopened contacts, what about exporting a copy of these contacts through our segment feature does not fit this need?