Unable to easily find 'Unsubscribed' Contacts

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I wanted to provide feedback on the recent user interface update. I find the audit trail under contact details opaque and less informative. Two contacts Anita Sherman and John and Angela Frisbie were unsubscribed with no action taken by the contact or by the SGE administrator. I believe that this is a glitch with the recent interface update. I also find the audit trail that previously existed which allowed the administrator and the CSR to easily see what had taken place should be accessible. It appears that this information is no longer available. Please clarify. I would appreciate a phone call AND email response to my concerns. Thank you Nancy Brooks

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Hi @JoelT25 what about our updated contact management dashboard do you feel does not fit your needs? What information are you looking for that is not currently available? if you are looking for more information on unsubscribed contacts, where in your contacts are you looking for this information? I have taken a look at the examples you've provided and do not see these contacts are unsubscribed. I have also taken a look at both of their engagement and do not see they have unsubscribed from any emails you've sent.

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