Unable to view reason for opt out in unsubscribed list.

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Can no longer locate the Manage Contacts link. Help instructions do not seem to match what info is on the Contacts page.
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Hi Laura,

Thanks for posting. There is not a "Manage Contacts" link anymore but the same information is available. Can you confirm what help instructions you are looking at? We have a special set of FAQs for the new system so you will want to be sure you are looking at those. Here's a link or you can click "Need some help?" from the Contacts tab.


You can view any opt-out reasons left from the reporting of a specific email. Click the Email tab of your account followed by the Reports link. Click the hyperlinked number of opt-outs under "Unsubscribed". You will see there is a column for any reasons that have been left. Right now it is only available on this page but I'm happy to pass along more feedback. What would you like to do with this information?


Please continue to vote on this topic if you find this information confusing or would like to see the opt out reason in another location.




I don't know if this helps, but I've found that if I look at my Opt-Out page for an email campaign, the Reasons column is actually cut off if I view it in Internet Explorer 10:

CC unsub.jpg

I can see the column if I log in to CC with Chrome, though.  Weird!




I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.  This is currently a known issue we are working to resolve.  As a workaround please use any other browser or IE 8 and 9.


This is still not resolved. I have the same exact issue and it's 9-26-13. The opt out reason should be available under the contact information as well. Also, dates of when they were added and taken off list as well.

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In addition, it used to be that you'd send me an email immediately, telling me who unsubscribed. This is essential info for me. Now, I can't even click through on the email of reports to see who unsubscribed. Why'd we fix what wasn't broken?
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The vast majority of my unsubscribed contacts tell me that they didn't unsubscribe and ask me to put them back. Because of this, when I get notification of an unsubscribed contact I always check with them to see if it was intentional. If your report would have a spot for them to indicate the reason for unsubscribing, like it used to, then at least some of the time when they take the time to give a reason, it would avoid any potential aggravation to them when I "bother" them trying to find out the reason. I don't want to bother those who really want to leave us, but I also don't want to have an unhappy contact when they stop getting our mail and didn't want to stop, so I feel I have to call them. It would really help if you would put the "reason" spot back in there. By the way, all the reasons that customer support has told me could cause them to be unsubscribed have been discussed each time with the contact who says they didn't do it and none of the reasons given have applied to them. They also say that if a screen had popped up asking "are you sure" they would have remembered that, but never saw such a screen. Can you please put the reason field back in? Or maybe it's there and I just don't know where to find it?
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I am also requesting that the unsubscribe reason be reinstated in the contact record. I have learned through this discussion that the reason is visible in the individual email unsubscribe list, but the updated subscriber email I receive from you does not specify which email the subscriber responded to, so I have to look up the subscriber, find out which email he/she unsubscribed from, then retrieve that email, then view the unsubscribed list. Thank you.

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I don't know anything about the old IE 10 issue, but the rest of the problems and inconveniences discussed under this post still stand today.  Just for the record.



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At the very least we could have them add the unsubscribe reason to the update subscribe notice field.


I added the idea, if people wouldn't mind giving it kudos to upvote it:


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