Unclear how to delete a contact

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Should be able to easily delete a contact directly from the the contact's page. Maybe a big orange Delete button.
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Hi @JessicaD814! Thanks for your feedback. We are currently gauging how we can improve the flow of managing contacts. If you didn't already know, you can delete contacts from the Contact Management page by selecting the checkboxes next to the contacts you would like to remove and selecting More Actions>Delete from the menu at the top of the list.

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Hi @RobK12,

Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to reach out to the Community. Just for some further insight, where exactly are you looking to have the delete option? Are you looking for the delete option to be in the same toolbar shown below, so you do not have to select more actions? 


Status changed to: Voting Open

Response from @RobK12:


Yes — exactly — I spent an hour looking for a way to delete one address. I only found the delete by calling you guys. Just a head’s up — might not be the only person searching high and low for the delete option. Maybe some — not so common options — should be under more actions ??

Rob K."



Thank you for responding! We are currently working on improving the Contacts page view, so I will open this idea up for voting from other Community users, and will base on your feedback to the appropriate teams. Thanks again! 


Why is it so goddamn difficult to "delete' a contact. There is no 'delete' function under "contact management' How goddamn stupid to spend an hour trying to figure out how to delete the following contact: 


Hi @PaulM87 where in your Contacts tab are you looking for the option to delete this address? What steps would you expect to take to delete a contact? Contacts can currently be delete through these steps in our Help Center.

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We've recently made some updates to the contacts system. You can now delete a contact from within a profile, and the drop down menus should be easier to navigate around. If it's still unclear, please let us know!

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