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Unsubcribed contacts on Contact Management page include bounces. These are very different things.

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I spoke to your representatives and she told me if I deleted bounces they would turn out here. But I didn't! I would like to be able to export a bounce list in alpha order. Constant Contact is not the only list I manage. I don't have time to do this after every email campaign. Looking up each individual contact in my "Unsubscribed" (462) on my Contact page which, in fact includes bounces, is not doable either. On the Contact page, I would like to see under Contacts: Unsubscribed (literally so); Bounced, and then No permissions set. Tonight you service has not been helpful. This said by a very long-term, faithful customer.
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Hi @Melodie7 

Thanks for posting your feedback. When you remove a bounced email address you use the "Remove Emails" button that unsubscribes that email address. I can understand the need for a label within the unsubscribed list for you to see. What actions are you taking with these addresses after they are on the unsubscribed list? Would it make more sense for you to manage without removing the email address?

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