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Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

there is no field for the unsubscribe reason when you export the information from the new contacts feature 


This is quite valuable information for record keeping reasons 

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Hi Lynn, Thanks for sharing this idea. Please continue to vote on the topics you would like to see implemented.
You also can't see if they gave a reason. If these features are still available, I can't find them.

Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the confusion, you can see the opt our information as well as the reason in the reporting of your email. To see this click the Email tab > The reports link> the hyperlinked number of opt-outs next to the name of the email. You will see a list here of the contacts that have opted out as well as any reason they may have left. This is the only place you can see the reason but there is one other location where you can see the opt-outs.


If you click the Contacts tab on the left you will see a list of "Unsubscribes". You can click to view this list of contacts. Here's what this will look like:




Please continue to vote on this and other topics you are finding confusing.




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There is no where to see what reason they had for opting out. The old system use to have that and was easy to find. This new system is horrible.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on this. Please continue to vote on this and any other ideas you would like to see implemented.

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From the e-mail report, I can click on the Unsubscribed category and see the reason why someone unsubscribed, but when I then click on that contact, that reason doesn't appear there anywhere that *I* can find. This is a problem, because 6 months form now if I want to know WHY someone unsubscribed, I will have NO CLUE which e-mail caused them to unsubscribe! All I will know is their name, but I won't be able to find that information in their record. I even tried a work-around, copying the reason and pasting it into a note in that person's record, but it wouldn't let me copy - it just took me to the record! VERY frustrating! Am I missing something?

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for posting. Currently, the unsubscribe reason is not available for viewing within a contact's details. I apologize for this inconvenience, as well as the trouble you are experiencing in trying your work-around. Adding this as a Note for a contact is a good idea. What I might suggest to be able to do this would be exporting the unsubscribe report by selecting the unsubscribed contact(s) and then clicking on the Export button.

This will produce a file of the unsubscribed contacts with the unsubscribe reason, giving you the ability to now copy the reason and then paste into the Notes of that contact. I hope this helps.

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Hi, Eric!
Thanks for your help.  Your solution worked, but it seems like a lot of hassle to go through for something that used to be easily available under the old system.  Why the change?  It wasn't broken, so why'd you have to "fix" it?  I must say, I haven't yet found anything that's easier or better on the new system.  Nice graphics, but it doesn't WORK, which is the important part!
Sorry to complain, but... it's been bugging me!

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the feedback, Laurie.  The feedback in this forum is helping to develop changes in the future so keep your ideas coming!