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Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

there is no field for the unsubscribe reason when you export the information from the new contacts feature 


This is quite valuable information for record keeping reasons 

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Please add the "reasons for unsubscribing" as a field to chose to include in the Exportable contact reports. This information is quite useful but not easy to get to through Constant Contact.
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It's been months since you made major changes to your Contact Management, and I want you to know that I still very much miss: 1) the date of the unsubscribe (you now give "date updated" but that is not unsub date and brings really old unsubs up to the top of the list for some weird reason). 2) reason for unsubscribe. This was really useful for updating my membership database with deceased and moved out of area members. 3) I still don't know why, when I clear a list of contacts, the activity log reflects that I added contacts.
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We used to be able to report on the text box following an unsubscribe. Now I understand I can only do this per email. Please bring back the full report.
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When you changed how you managed contacts a year ago or so, you took away the feature whereby, when I exported the unsubs, I could see the reason field. A year later, I have now learned that I can get this reason in Email - Reports. The problem with this system is, I have to click into 100s of reports, rather than having all the data in one spreadsheet. Also, once I've checked a report once, I'm unlikely to continue going back to it again and again, to catch all those people who click the unsub link days/weeks/months after receiving it. It's inefficient. Please bring back the reason field in the Unsub Export from the Contacts tab. Thanks, Susannah Michaels

Actually, this is written by KathyY's IT guy:


This was much better, MUCH BETTER before the changes, as was everything else about the routine handling of contacts.


I need that opt-out reason for the utility that updates our internal database with a code that represents a future mail status - with nothing, I just mark them as "don't email through Constant Contact", but way too often it has said things like "This was a gift for my elderly mother and she's passed away." in which case I would handle it as a deceased customer.


I do a 2-way update between our systems and your system the first of every month. It used to take about an hour to an hour and a half, but now it takes 2 hours plus and we get less information than we had before and you've actually got.


And I'll be damned if I'm going to start doing it several times a week on the back end of every email.


I've just signed up for the test drive program in hopes that I can effect this change.

On the Contact report page, place a link to this information where it tells you how many contacts unsubscribed in the last 30 days. Or on the main Contacts page, place a link on the unsubscribed list where it shows the reason for unsubscribing. I always have trouble readily finding this information and it is important to me.
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It would be helpful to have a column that shows the unsubscribe comments in one report view rather than having to go into each individual email and search for the reasons/comments results there. Since you already have a full list of unsubscribes on the Contact management page, this would seem like a great place to add a helpful report tool or column that could be a quick look-up for why we are losing people?
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Hello CC, I'm contacting you for the 5th or so time to say that I'm still sorry and handicapped by the fact that you no longer give the unsub reason in the unsub export. I maintain a member database, so these unsub reasons are important. If someone moved and will no longer we contributing to us, I need to also stop their snailmail, not just their email. So, to get the unsub reasons, I have to check the unsub list on each email we send. Then, a week later, I need to re-check each email, to see if, in the meantime, one more person has unsubbed. This means that every week, I check 50 lists (going a month back), to look for new unsubs. 50 lists!!!! You can see how impractical this is. If only you would give me a chronological list of unsubs, with reasons, in the unsub export, I could take care of this task in seconds each week. Thank you for your consideration. I have a feeling it would just be a tiny bit of work for you to get this functionality back.
Too much work clicking on every individual email report to read reasons for un-subscriptions.
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I vote yea.


Personally, I wouldn't really need this, if you would start testing email export better.  You keep breaking email export causing email exports to fail, then eventually fixing it, in an extremely frustrating seemingly endless loop.  When you do that, the only way I can export for some emails and exports, is by tagging contacts and removing lists, which doesn't provide the infomation I need from the email ("Opened At" for Opens, "Reason" for OptOut and Bounce).