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Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

there is no field for the unsubscribe reason when you export the information from the new contacts feature 


This is quite valuable information for record keeping reasons 


It's disappointing that this functionality hasn't been added yet. It's been requested by the community for years. 

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I've asked before and I'll ask again: I need to see the unsub REASON in the unsub mass export. You took it away several years ago, which means that all these years now, I've had to monitor unsub reason by downloading the unsubs for each individual email, and then checking back week after week, as one or two more unsubs accrue for that email. Holy cow, what a waste of my time!
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At the very least we could have them simply add the unsubscribe reason to the update subscribe notice field.


I added the idea, if people wouldn't mind giving it kudos to upvote it:


Also, anyone on this thread that hasn't, click the thumb at the top of the page on the original post to upvote here as well.

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I would like to view, at once, a list of all unsubscribers and their feedback about why they unsubscribed. It's inconvenient to have to go to each email campaign and view this information separately for each campaign.


Seriously disappointing that this isn't an option. To have to view unsubscribe reasons email by email is ridiculous. Especially when you're new to the organization and haven't been around to monitor the results email by email. Seems like a no-brainer. 

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I want the reason to be included in the unsubscribed contacts list, so I can just download the whole thing and have their reasons there rather than having to go into each email campaign and look at those individually. It helps a lot with contacting people who have unsubscribed accidentally versus those who definitely don't want to hear from us anymore.