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Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

Unsubscribe Reason should be included in export

there is no field for the unsubscribe reason when you export the information from the new contacts feature 


This is quite valuable information for record keeping reasons 

it is difficult to find where the contact s who opt out gave reasons for doing so. I benefit from their feedback.
Can no longer see contacts who have been removed by administrator. In previous, we kept notes regarding date and reason for removal. This was helpful on a multiple levels for management of contacts.
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And since that's such a terribly inefficient way for us to gather the emails of who has unsubscribed when and why, for purposes of considering removing those people from postal mailing lists unconnected with Constant Contact, you will soon  be restoring the prior data export mechanism...correct?


Your interface may look very pretty but it is not terribly practical.

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Hi David. I do understand how cumbersome it can be to get that information. Thank you for your feedback. If this is something that enough users want, we will do our best to add it in.

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where are the comments from unsubscribes now hidden? and why does this feedback post-tool only allow certain entries to 'briefly describe your feedback field'?
When I import email addresses, I need to know exactly which emails could not be added (opted-out, etc). I need more than just the count.
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When someone unsubscribes, we look at their history to try and gage if the unsubscribe was accidental or on purpose. We find quite a few of our contacts do not intend to unsubscribe. If their history indicates to us they have not intended to unsubscribe, we sent them a personal email to find out if they did, indeed intend to unsubscribe. Now we can't do that and will likely lose some of these contacts.
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this new export file is a large step back in several ways...missing columns, poorly labeled, poorly organized.... it appears that the old (clearly labeled) column of 'Do Not Mail List Date' has been replaced with (poorly labeled) column 'Updated At'...also it is placed at the far right instead on the beginning like before. It should be first and next to the email address. i dont see two important columns - moved by and opt-out reason
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the is no "reason" column
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Before the new contact format, we were able to select "opt outs" to view all of our opt-outs. I know you can now view it in Email Reports and click on each opt-out per that email... which we have been using constant contact for over 7 years. I tried running and exporting the unsubscribed contact list hoping to have a column that says whether it was an opt out or I removed it myself... but that column is not on the report. thank you.