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It would be very helpful if when I look at the unsubscribed report that it lists their reason for opting out. And/or if the emails we get from Constant Contact regarding unsubscribes list their reason for opting out.

Hi @Mel2000


Where in your account are you looking for the option to see the reason contacts unsubscribed? Currently this information can be seen in the unsubscribe reporting of a sent campaign. Does this help fit your needs?

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That is where I go to find out their reason... I have to open up sent campaigns and look for that particular person. Sometimes I can't find them at all. I think it should be in their information. I don't like having to dig through sent campaigns to find the reason. What would be best is if when I get the emails that someone has opted out that it lists their reason (if one was given) in that email notification I get from Constant Contact.

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