Unsubscribed Contacts

It would be helpful if Unsubscribed Contacts showed up on screen with some identifying feature, such as strikethrough text, grey background or something to let you know the contact is in your contact list but have unsubscribed.


Hi Barbara,


Thank you for your feedback. On your "Contacts" page, all of your unsubscribed contacts will display to the left in their own folder labeled "Unsubscribed".




Also, when you are looking at your reporting, there will be a separate folder labeled "Unsubscribed" that they will be added to, so that they don't stay in your active lists.


Status changed to: Closed - No Action
Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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But after we've run a search on the Contact Management screen, when we're looking at a list of 30 people with the last name "Miller," for instance, that's when we could use what Barbara is talking about.


Or will you never see this comment now that the idea is Closed?



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