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Unsubscribed List

Unsubscribed List

Should really have a column of which list it dropped off of, so that we can track this. We have 4 different organizations that we do blasts and events for . . . unsubscribe does nothing for me, if I don't know the list it came from - especially if you're working with a large volume and lots of lists.
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Has this issue been resolved?  I need to view unsubscribes in a list in order to track out success by organization.



This feature has not yet been put into the product but I am happy to pass along your feedback as well. This is a feature we have planned but don't have an exact date for yet. We make updates based on what is being asked for so all of the ideas are appreciated. 




I need this feature as well, as anything been done yet?


Mike Good


Timeless Wines



HI Michael,

I don't have any new information but I am happy to pass along your feedback on this idea.


Thanks for letting us know!

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When I search for a name it doesn't tell me which list it's in.
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All of the data fields should appear on the contact's information. Empty fields should be shown as well so we don't have to waste even more time adding fields before we can input the data. New contact management system is a massive step backwards and is costing an enormous amount of the customer's time and money to deal with. Fire the IT team. Fire the managers who approved this mess. Get folks who understand that data management it supposed to be a tool to enhance productivity and not an entertainment system.

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Thank you for your feedback.
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Some of mailing lists are membership lists and occasionally a member will unsubscribe and then weeks or months later tell me that they are not getting my e-mails. I need to be able to see when they unsubscribed from the list (and it would nice to know which list). If I cannot relay this information to them they assume that I have deleted them. I used to be able to click on a contact and get current status and complete details. I really need that feature back.
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I am very unhappy with the contact fields and much preferred the old arrangement. I have used Constant Contact for over 7 years. I have always appreciated prior upgrades and changes. This is the first time I am unhappy with all the new features. Sadly, I am seeking an alternative provider.
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I can no longer see who unsubscribes in my reporting. I would like to see this. You keep taking away reporting information..i.e. emails of forwarded emails and can't make a "all open" export report. Quit taking away information that you use to provide!