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Unsubscribed List

Unsubscribed List

Should really have a column of which list it dropped off of, so that we can track this. We have 4 different organizations that we do blasts and events for . . . unsubscribe does nothing for me, if I don't know the list it came from - especially if you're working with a large volume and lots of lists.
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Dear Constant Contact, I have been a customer with constant contact for over 10 years. I have generally been pleased with your email service and use it faithfully every month to stay in contact with my customers. However, today I discovered some disturbing system errors that have either unsubscribed customers incorrectly or gives me a message that I unsubscribed them which I didn't. There was also an issue of customers not assigned to lists which you cannot even add a customer unless you assign them a list. The tech fixed that today, but still confused on where I stand with customer being added to list, why some emails are engaged and others are not, when they should be by all accounts. When I check on a particular customer something has been changed in their profile. One particular customer showed unsubscribed today November 30, and it reported I was the one who did it, and I did not remove the customer. Really strange. I was also looking for a customer list/feature that tells you whether it was the customer or me that unsubscribed or added them, but I don't see how you can pull that list. You have to look at each one individually. I am completely overwhelmed with this email service and not sure how to mover forward, short of finding a new service. Judy Hudson, Easton Pilates

Hi @JudyH795 I apologize for any confusion there may be with your contacts. Have you deleted a list, but chose delete the list only?




If so, only the list name gets deleted while contacts are left in your account. This option can cause contacts that were only on this deleted list to be left in your account without being assigned to any other list.


We would also like to clarify what exactly you meant by some emails not being “engaged.” Are you referring to contacts opening or clicking links in the emails you send? Do you have any examples of either contacts you have not engaged with, or that showed you unsubscribed them when you did not? Having these details can help us look into this further for you. Please send these examples along with a reference to this post and your username to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com.