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Unsubscribed List

Unsubscribed List

Should really have a column of which list it dropped off of, so that we can track this. We have 4 different organizations that we do blasts and events for . . . unsubscribe does nothing for me, if I don't know the list it came from - especially if you're working with a large volume and lots of lists.
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Laura, I am sorry you were having trouble with that, but you are able to see them in a couple of ways. You can view all the unsubscribes from the contacts tab if you look down the left and select the "Unsubscribed" list. You can also view them on a per email basis by clicking on the number of "opt outs" when you're looking at the email's reports. Here is more information about that: Understanding and managing unsubscribes


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach back to us at (866) 289-2101 when you're ready!

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I send my newsletter using multiple Contact Lists. When I run the Unsubscribed report it does not show me what list the name/email is on. Besides entering each name individually is there a way to access this information easily?
Without the list- I am left sorting through 10 different lists to find a name.
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Some of my agents complain that they aren't getting my daily emails internally to my company. for some reason they unsubscribed but want to be resubscribed. i know i have to send them the link to resubscribe but need to know who those agents are.
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Would love it if there was a way to actually see which members of a certain list are unsubscribed from our mailings.
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Would be helpful to know when a contact unsubscribed and from what list or lists they were included.
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I would like to be able to view which contact list the unsubscribe-rs came from. Is there a way you can add that data field to this screen that lists them?
Hi, After a contact unsubscribes, I understand why they are automatically removed for whatever list they were a part of, BUT it would be nice to know what list they were once on so we know from "where" we are losing contacts. For example, someone unsubscribed to our emails and left a note that she was disappointed in some aspect of our program, but now I have no way of knowing which program location she had troubles with. If I knew what list she was on, it might have helped to clarify this. Would be a helpful feature to add... Thanks for your time! Kim
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Our communications manager explained that we used to have the ability to see who unsubscribed from specific lists. We can no longer do that - so it seems. The list that we pulled shows every single unsubscribed contact from all our lists. We'd like to be able to segment these lists to save time.
I have university students who come and go. I update my list regularly and create new lists in Constant Contact. During import, I can see that a couple hundred or so have unsubscribed and cannot be added. Sometimes, though, these people unsubscribed while undergrads and want to come back onboard as graduates. I should be able to click on that red square with the number of unsubscribed people ... and SEE who is on that list. I can't find another report that will give me that info ... and I shouldn't have to search everywhere to find it.