Unsubscribed contacts need to display differently

When I search on a client business, I see 1 or more names/emails associated with that company.  Would love to have the unsubscribed names show up differently than the currently active names within that business. (strikethrough, different background, etc).
Same thing if I type in a name to search, like Smith, I may see 10 names.  Again, if the unsubscribed ones looked different than the active names, it would be easier to find which one I need.


This is not about clicking on the Unsubscribed tab - I know that works.  It's more about filtering out the results of a search on a particular name or company, then seeing who's active or not.

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Hi, can you please add an option for a column showing whether this contact is active or unsubscribed?

Right now, the columns are limited to:



Date Added



City State


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Hi @DianeS565 thanks for your feedback on this! At this time unsubscribed contacts and active contacts are separated into two different lists. How would you like unsubscribed contacts to be indicated when you're viewing your contacts? Would you want this column to automatically be added or have the ability to include or remove it?


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Thanks for your response. My contacts all show in one list. I would like an additional column or one that could be added to replace city /state. Hope that makes sense.

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When I view All Contacts, I cannot tell which ones have unsubscribed - it makes it look like I have a bigger email contact list than I do. Can the unsubscribed be grayed out or something? I am currently going into each unsub and putting in "UNSUBSCRIBED" in the Company field so I can tell which ones are not currently subscribed when I view all contacts.
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Just left a feedback - this is in addition...maybe you could make the unsubscribed field show in the contacts view
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With our latest updates to contacts you will have a column to see the status of a contact, as well as easier ways to filter the contacts. If you haven't yet, feel free to log into your account and have a look!

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