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Reasons for unsubscribing subscriptions are inaccurate. All emails have been provided by the users directly or by permission of the person hosting an event that the subscribers have given permission to them directly. Should someone no longer want to subscribe, it is honored without question. However, if they don't remember as to their subscribing and marking something inaccurately, is frustrating to see on our end as the marketer.
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Hi @MeredithP60. The reasons on this page are preset and it's possible that the contact did not find a reason that best suited their situation or did not remember providing an email address especially if it was a few years ago (this is just a suggestion but I have seen it happen with other accounts). There is an Other option on the unsubscribe page so they can type in their own answer if they desired to do so.


Would you prefer to have different unsubscribe reasons on this page or some other way of collecting feedback?

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