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Update Profile Link Needed

It would be nice to have a link made available for us to use for "Update Profile Form". Currently, there is only a link for "Sign-Up Form". If I want to send a message out to my database asking them to review and update their profile, I have to use the "Sign-Up Form" link which is miss-leading and requires our customers to sign up for the lists again before it recognizes them as already being in the system. Adding the "Update Profile Form" link to the sign up tools will allow us to place only the update info inside of a message and making the system easier or use and not confusing to the customers.

Hi Paul,


Thank you, this is great feedback! I'm not sure if your aware, there is a "work-around" to make the link an update profile link within the body of your emails.


  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Contacts > Sign-Up Tools.
  2. Click "Get a link to my website signup form".
  3. Scroll down to "Need a quick link to your signup form?" and click Select.
  4. Press Ctrl + C (Mac users Ctrl + click > Copy) to copy the highlighted link.
  5. Hover your cursor over the block you want to insert the link.
  6. Click the Edit icon Edit on the block.
  7. Type in the text that you want to serve as your link.
    Example: Update Your Profile
  8. Highlight the text.
  9. Click the Insert button on the left-hand side.
  10. Hover your cursor over the Insert Link icon Link and click the Plus button Plus.
  11. Select "Web Address" as the Link Type.
  12. In the second text box, paste the Join My List link you copied earlier.
    Note: The http:// is automatically populated when the window appears.
  13. At the end of the address, insert the following:
  14. Click Insert.
  15. Click Save.

Hi Stephanie,


While this is a great "work around," when you click on the link, it still takes you to the "Sign Up" form which is confusing to customers because they have already signed up and are just looking to update thier info. I realize there is an update profile link at the bottom of every email however it is extremely small and isn't utilized very often. If we have an upate profile link available that we could insert as a button in an email that would take customers directly to the update profile form instead of the sign up form, it would allow us to ask customers to update their information to ensure they are receiving the information they want - therefore leading to a decrease in unsubscriptions and higher open rates.


Please add this feature!!!



Please give users the option to update their profile by including the form in the welcome email. This cuts out a step and lets them read the welcome and finish their profiles at the same time. Thank you!
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

Regular Participant
We should be able to use this function to allow our customers at any time to keep our lists as accurate as possible. Thank you!

HI @sproutforbusiness

Can you tell me more about what you are looking to have your contacts do?They can click the Update Profile link in the footer of your emails to change their subscriptions if you would like. This just requires you to have included the update profile link as well as have lists visible on your sign up form. 



Regular Participant

I would like to send an email to all my contacts asking them to update their preferences and contact information and right now I cannot include the update profile link in the body of the email, nor can I send the email I have created in the sign up tools section of the account. Now, I have to convince people to click the link in the footer of the email which tends to be ineffective.


 How do I send the "Update Profile" email template??  I have personalized this email in the set up tools section.  I am able to preview it and send myself a test version, however, I can not send it out to my contacts??  Please advise how to schedule and/or send this out to my contact list.  


I am also looking ot send an email using the "tool" section that I worked on. 


I have the same requirement.  I used the "Text to Join" feature that only collected an email address.  I now need to ask the subscribers to update the records with their name and/or other info.  I have customized the update profile email in the tools, but do not see a function to send it out to a "selection" of subscribers.  It would be great to have this email show up in the "Quick Send" list in the Contacts page.



Occasional Participant

is this not possible??? i am trying to add a update profile link in the body of an e-mail in 2016. 


Yes, I, too am looking for an Update Profile link.  I realize that we could insert the Sign Up Form link, but I want them to go to the Update Profile page that I spent time modifying for this very purpose.

Frequent Participant

I am boggled that I can't provide a link to this form. I go in so many circles with Constant Contact. I just want to provide a link for my current users which allows them to update the lists they are on. Why do I have to use the API and do a bunch of custom programming for something that should be so simple?

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the feedback

Occasional Participant

So is there a solution for this?? I need to just send my customer a link to go update their info when they ask. It seems rather ridiculous to have to tell them to go find a previous email and look for the tiny link on it to update what info they want to receive or change their email address. And I certainly don't want to have to make every change for every customer myself. 

You offer the option to add a subscription reminder and unsubscribe link in the header of the e-mail but not in the footer. maybe it is because you have the SafeUnsubscribe link at the very bottom but I feel this might be confusing for some people, whereas the subscription reminder is much clearer. If you were to offer the option of putting the subscription reminder in the footer I feel that the message would flow better because putting it in the heading and using it there just looks bad when you actually put it into practice.

Currently, the update profile setup practically ensures that few, if any contacts will ever update their profiles.

It's a long, multi-step, cumbersome process. 


First, our customers have to find the "Update Profile" link in an e-mail they've received.  That link is buried among a slew of other text and links in the footer.  So it's hard for the to even notice or find. 

Second, they click that link and go to a web page, for which they can not update their profile.  It just allows them to be sent an e-mail to update their profile. 

Third; They have to go back to their inbox to find the e-mail generated by the web form.

Fourth: They have to click the link to go to a new web form in which they can actually update their e-mail.

It amazes me that we should ask a contact to take 4 steps to update their preferences.  No one has the time or patience for that, so they just don't do it.  

In addition to the really poor user experience, there is no way to format any of the web forms such that they look or feel professional.  You can only write one continuous line of text in those forms.  (I love how the editor encourages us to write stuff to motivate people to actually fill out the form, then just jams into one piece of text.)

In addition to all that badness, we can't send an e-mail or provide a link to the update form.  They can only do the update if the find the buried link on an e-mail.  



Make a ONE STEP webform that can be linked to from anywhere.  

... and before you reply to me "Just send them to your signup form."  The signup form does not update list preferences if they are already in our contacts lists.



We would like to send our current customers an email to update their profile. It's an option for new customers who sign up, but it takes too many steps to lead current customers to update. It is a benefit to our customers to dictate which specific emails they would like to receive and a simple email with a link is the easiest way to do this. Thank you for considering our feedback.

This is incredibly frustrating and our new CEO is miffed that he can't change his profile to reflect his new role without creating an entirely new profile. Then I have to go into the system and delete his old profile. It's sort of ridiculous, really. 

Occasional Participant

Would LOVE to have a button or link so I could easily send out an Update your Profile email that doesn't direct people to the footer.


I have a same question. How can we remove the 'Unsubscribe' button from the header?

It is already there in the footer area, so there is no need for it to be on top of the email. Please help. Thanks!

Regular Participant
The Update Profile should be a link, like the signup form that I could enter in the body of the email.

I agree - is there a way to remove it from the header and just leave it in the footer?


Ridiculous that this hasn't been acted on yet. If someone needs to split a large list into two lists, based on a choice the contact needs to make, there is no way to do this. mailchimp does this easily with a merge tag. not sure why the update profile link can only be in the footer even if it is unique to the user. 


Also your update profile process causes a user to jump through too many hoops. 

1. click a link in an email sent to you

2. go to website and click submit

3 open new email and click on another link

4. fill out form


how about we just go from step 1 directly to step 4

Regular Participant

Adding a voice to the conversation. We are also needing this feature.

Regular Participant

Why do you need votes? 4 people telling you its stupid to have a link in the header is not enough for you? Beside I d like to know how to link a visitor to an unsubscribe page?


Hey @HeathM5,


Thank you for bringing this up! To clarify the first part, are you referring to the Permission Reminder setting in the header of your email? If so, that option can be removed, leaving the Unsubscribe link only in the footer!

I see you're using our Custom Code emails which has the option to turn off the Permission Reminder in the Message Header option:


As far as including an Unsubscribe link in your email or directing a visitor to that link, at this time that is not a feature in our system but I understand the importance of this and I've definitely passed your request along again. Our engineers are aware and keeping this in mind with future changes, though we do not have a time frame on that.

Regular Participant

Hi Thanks for your response.

Permission reminder is not what I was reffering to. I think everyone has got that set to off anyway :smileyface:


I am quite shocked that you still haven't resolved this tiny request that should have been done for years without anybody voting or telling you about it. Specially now that the law will change, we have the new General Data Protection Regulation coming out in 2 weeks.


Hey @HeathM5,


I completely understand! In the meantime, you are able to check our blog post for updates about GDPR and what we're doing to be compliant in case you haven't yet!



It would also be good to send all contacts the chance to unsubscribe within the actually body of the email because of GDPR I want to make it easy for people to unsubscribe without scrolling to the bottom the page to find the link. Is this possible.?


Hello @JeffA569,


Thank you for reaching out. At this time it is only possible to have the Unsubscribe link at the footer of the email. I've passed along your request for this!

Occasional Participant

Hi there,


I think I have read all about the topic and I am very curious if there is a solution for the update profile form URL.


I too need a direct URL to apply new GDPR. Hope there is a way to get this URL in a more outstanding button in body of the email. Looking forward!


Regards, Jantien 


Just adding my opinion - I see the Update my Profile in landing pages, but I can't get a link like I can for the regular sign-up. It has been four years since someone asked for this very simple feature, yet I don't see a solution. What are you plans for fixing? 

Regular Participant

Seems like this should be combined with this request. The lack of combining them makes me think that no one is keeping an eye on these requests. So unfortunate.. Would bring Constant Contact up to par with other email providers.

When a contact clicks the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails, that should bring up a form that we can customize, so they can remove themselves from specific email types (Newsletters, press releases, etc.). The update profile link isn't ideal since, first, you have to receive a whole other email in order to make any changes and second, the only options are to unsubscribe fully or keep receiving emails. Not great functionality. Would like to see this improved.

 Hey @KirstenD300, thanks for your feedback! Per the Can Spam Act we are required to provide a one-click unsubscribe option for recipients of emails. Due to this, adding a form into the unsubscribe process would unfortunately cause a breach in the Can Spam Act. In regards to the update profile email, I've added your feedback to this thread as we're working on collecting feedback on this specific issue. 


The technology to request your contacts to update their information through an email is available, however constant contact does not make it available to their customers. If they can click at the footer which automatically send them an update profile email, then the technology is there. 


Also as you see the employees only answered to questions that are not related to update profile as the main email, but rather the unsubscribed questioned. They are aware and for some reason do not want us to be able to distribute this to our contacts in one blast.


It's interesting to know their motivation that drives this decision.


Your Customer


How is this not an option?!?!?!?


It is absolutely insane that this is not a core feature. And it is making my life very difficult right now!!


This thread was started almost five years ago. Gmail literally hides email footers by default now as a feature. 


I am trying to get people - our donors, our most valued people - to update their contacts so that we can issue tax receipts. Right now, the ask will have to sound something like this:


"Hi there X, please update your address so you can get your tax receipt. To do this, please scroll to the bottom of this email and click the button to view the footer. Then, click the "update your profile" link. Then click "Submit" on the new window that opens. Then wait for another email - check your spam folder and Promotions tab! Then, click the link in *that* email and update your info and click submit."


That is PREPOSTEROUS and the fact that Constant Contact clearly doesn't care about this means we will almost certainly be switching providers sometime in 2020. Too bad!!

Regular Participant

I inherited a large database of contacts, some of which have bad email addresses and a lot have out-of-date mailing addresses.  It doesn't make sense to send an 'Update Profile' email when the email addresses are incorrect.  There should be a link that we can add to our Web Page and Facebook Page that allows people to view their Profile and make changes if necessary.  


I need to verify the information I have for members, and it would be helpful to be able to take the form that is in the footer of emails and send it directly to the members. If it had a merge data feature and could pull what information is currently being used on the profile so they can then update accordingly would be very useful. It is difficult to get people to re-update the existing profile information if something as simple as a phone number changed. 

Occasional Participant

This issue URGENTLY still needs to be addressed. This should be a BASIC function.

Occasional Participant

Are you seriously telling me that this feature is not available?  


There should be a link that we can add to our Web Page and Facebook Page that allows people to view their Profile and make changes if necessary.   There is nothing in the can spam act that would prevent this from being 'another option' in addition to the footer.   

Consulting & Training
It would be most useful to have a url where someone could update their profile information, such as email, name on file, or lists. I realize this is available for someone at the bottom of received emails, but what if they aren't receiving the email due to bounces, emails no longer used. Another area of great value for this feature is for social media reminders and email changes. For example, to maintain strong relationships with existing subscribers, I'd like to have a link on instagram or another network that says "update your newsletter preferences here". It also shows potential subscribers that they can access such benefits once they're a subscriber. Thanks!
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