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Why do you take a simple method of adding or moving contacts in lists and make it virtually unusable. I add a contact, and there is no way to move the contact into a mailing list. ?????????????? Do you QC before making changes?????
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Why add an option like permission to send, this is just another wasted function. If you are going to add functions like this users need to be informed before, not after. Users should be able to deactivate this. In my case, if I add a users, they are going to be in mailing lists or I would not be adding them. If I want to hide a contact, I should be able to do that, but the default should be to prompt to select lists.

Hi Frank,

I apologzie for the frustration. We did send two emails out to the contact email address on the account letting you know the changes would be occuring but I am sorry that those did not get to you. The update was made in order to provide more of a CRM system, which is something customers have been requesting. This change also allowed us to implement a number of requested features.


You can move contacts between lists as you please by using the "Add to Lists" function. When you are view all  (or a specific list) this option is available at the top of the page. All you need to do is check one or more contacts in the list and click this button.


add to lists.jpg

Thanks for your feedback on "Permission to send". This feature allows you to keep all your contacts in the account rather than just those that you are mailing to.



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Items that would help: at top of page add A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc. This would help us to find the contact faster! Put an arrow to flip thru pages at top, also. (so we don't have scroll to bottom of page)
This is ridiculous! I have been waiting for over 30 minutes to import a list that previously took no longer than 6-10 minutes AT THE MOST. Also, I do not like the fact that I cannot see the opt-outs within the new import. I wish that when so called "enhancements" occur that you ask the customer their opinion.
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