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Hi, I've been a CC customer for a number of years, and I feel the opt-in options are very limited.

1. I want to be able to customize the order of fields in my opt-in page. It's not possible now. Example: If I had a custom field to capture "Prefix" (Dr. Ms. Mr. etc.), it would go at the end, not before "first" and "last" names where it logically belongs!

2. I want to capture address, but it does no work for my subscribers who live outside the U.S. Many of their countries don't have states (or other states), and there's no way to neatly capture this information. So I have to leave off address as a required field. At bare minimum, would like COUNTRY part to be required and address optional, to allow my outside-U.S. folks to at least opt in.

3. Customize fields: I may want to create my own dropdown list in a customizable list to make my data cleaner. This is not possible, only free-form.

CC is a big tool for us. It would be so much more effective if these issues were addressed. Anyone have any ideas?



Sara W.

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Thank you for sharing all this feedback! I understand how these changes would be helpful for you. I've actually heard the address suggestion a few times from other users (for different use-cases). Thanks again for posting and please continue to share any ideas you have to improve your experience!

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