Very positive experience wth the new interface

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You have really added value to the new interface of adding contacts. I had just added 7000 to the old interface, and today this new one came up, and i think it saved me at least 1 step, and the preview is screen has a better layout. And the navigation, more intuitive. Nice to experience a change that focus on user experience, and not change for change's sake.
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Today was the first time I used the new "add from file" input screen, and I must say it is greatly improved. Thanks. You missed the opportunity to make this a SUPER update, because you did not provide the user with the opportunity to designate a defaul "input file name" and a default file to save to. I can't be the only user who has a fixed input file name and sends all new inputs to the General Interest list. You should look at providing this capability soonest. You need to inform the support staff that a "space" character and an "underline" character are not the same. In my fixed input file format I had the field name "Old Serial", but when I updated Constant Contace for this new field I used "Old_Serial" for some unknown reason. Your support staff could not figure out why I always had to designate that field's file name from the drop down list with each input. I have fixed the problem on my end, but your wonderful support troops should be informed with a memo. I'm guessing this would apply to all field names.
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Glad to hear this, thanks for posting!

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