Very unhappy with today's phone call

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Quite insulting actually, the polite interrogation I received and the insinuation regarding a list that was uploaded to my constant contact account. Granted, the list was not supposed to be uploaded all at once, your representative was on a bit of a witch hunt and was quite satisfied with his "detective skills" - that were - totally incorrect. As my 4 teenagers say -"Epic fail" Maybe if I was a keyboard jockey sitting on my rear in a cubicle and not someone actually contributing to a healthier society with a booming practice, I could be the MAN he was today.... gee, if I was only that much of a contributor to society... I can only dream... lol. - pathetic.
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I am very sorry to hear of your experience but thank you for sharing your honest feedback. I've passed along your comment to our management team for review. Is there anything additional I can help with here?

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