View the last time a contact opened as a column

I can see the segment of "least engaged," but it would be extremely helpful to see the last time any of these contacts opened an email or to know if they've never opened an email.

Please add "Last Opened Date" so we know when/how often they are opening the email....or define "Least Engaged" at the top of the report
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Hi @Barb0702 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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Hello @JudyJCCI. This is a great idea and would definitely help users better understand their least engaged contacts. If we were to display this information, would you expect to see it on the Segments page or somewhere else in the account, like on an export or a column under Contacts?

I really like the "Least Engaged" list. What could make this better is if this list could be sorted by the date of last engagement.

My company has had a CC account for almost 20 years and have accumulated over 22,000 contacts.  We know that MANY of these contacts are now invalid,  and we'd really like to clean up our contact.  The Least Engaged helps, BUT it would be very helpful (and seems obvious) to have a column for last date opened.  Has anything happened with this idea??

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