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Hello, When I click on "Contacts" and then "Reports" it shows me the information for all of my lists together. This is not the information I need. I am interested in how my e-news letter list is growing: how many people are joining and from where. Also, I added the Facebook app and started the Text to Join features, but it seems I can't track how many are coming from these. Please add this functionality as soon as possible. Thanks, Kendra
I would like to be able to view opens/bounces/clicks on a list by list basis. This is very important as currently I have to send two emails to be able to have this functionality.
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I agree with Kathy. We currently run two lists that are completely different in nature. I need to be able to tease apart the performance of each list, but I can't do this if I can't run reports by list/segment.


In a world where Facebook can give me free csv downloads with 36+ tabs of data, I'm shocked that the reporting options are so limited. Is there a plugin  or extension we can get?




Hi Marcus,

Nothing like this is available right now but this is great feedback. We are always working to update and change the product to add things you request so keep the feedback coming!


I would love to be able to view reports on separate lists to easily see which lists are opening emails more frequently.

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I would love to be able to view open rates for a particular list even if I send a single email to multiple lists.
We're trying to measure the engagement activity of contacts from a specific list, and unfortunately we've found that we're unable to do that. This would be very helpful in that we'd be able to track the engagement of contacts added for a specific purpose or during a specific time period.
It will be nice to have open rates by lists or any kind of report by list to get more details. Thanks
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Each time I email I select several lists from my 30 lists. I'd really like to see flyer results BY LIST so that I can see which lists are performing best and which ones are producing spam and bounces. Please add this service!!! I am a big fan of Constant Contact, and you do great work for us.
We are an art gallery and use constant contact to send out invitations, digital catalogs and announcements about new artists and art works. Each one of my consultants has their clients in a separate list but when we get our reports to view who looked through the images and what they clicked on, there's no easy way to see which list that contact is from. Short of clicking on each individual name to see the profile, there's no way to easily determine who's clients are looking at what which makes the reports a lot less valuable to us. I'm hoping that's something you'll consider implementing in the future. Thanks, Lauren Ellis CK Contemporary
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There needs to be a way to produce a report that shows data for all campaigns sent to a specific contact list. The overall campaign information is fine, but it's a major hole that you can' break down that data by recipients.
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It is critical in the metrics and measurements of contact management to be able to do a drill down for a specific list to multiple campaigns. Since we include multiple contact lists in our outbound emails via Constant Contact (CC), we need to do data analytics based on specific audiences.


For example, we send a daily email (our Workday Reflection) to members, non-members and new audiences. In addition, we send announcements, surveys, and promotional emails to all of these same lists. Some of our CC emails may go out to 50+ lists based on our segmentation at any time.


However, I am unable to pull reports which represent the behavior of these unique lists and segments. The current reporting is based on 'campaign' or specific CC email.  My desire is to take 1 specific list, and get a report that consoldiates; Opens, Bounces, Click Throughs, Opt-Out, Unsubscribe, Referral, Did Not Open, in addition to other items.


Even when I pull multiple reports based on campaign, I need to manipulate many data points to do the proper analytics.


It appears that the reporting tool has been pretty standard since the launch of Constant Contact, and the world of data analytics has grown substantially in the past years. I need to get the metrics to justify additional funding for campaigns and growth of communications tactics.


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Thanks in advance.


It would be helpful if Constant Contact had a function that could tell me how individual contact lists are responding to specific messages. Like others, I send campaigns to several lists. All of the reporting stats are lumped together by campaign. If I could know how a specific list responded to a campaign, I can do a better job with targeting specific groups with specific messages. Thank you.


I completely agree with this, we're having the same issue and this feature would be extremely beneficial. 

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I'd like to look further into open rates for an email to see the percentage of open rates by contact list.


Example: I sent out a Happy Thanksgiving email to only my Current Members list. It had 74/450 (17.6%) opens. The next day I sent out an email to my Members + General sign up list. It had 129/624 (21.8%) opens. I'll always get more opens when I send to more than one list, but how many of my Current Members are opening multi-list emails? Is it the same 74 people?


Step further: average open rate of an email list? 


 I want this SO badly. S.O. B.A.D.L.Y.

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I provide monthly reports on digital marketing to my team, and the hardest component seems to be getting clear data on subscribers. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the current Contacts Reports only provide an overall snapshot of the total list, and the email reports are only available weekly. The information I need each month is:

  • Total # of subscribers per list
    • # of new subscribers per list
    • # of unsubscribes per list
  • # of new subscribers overall
  • # of unsubscribes overall

Ideally, what I'd love to see is a feature that allows us to pick a date range and see the +/- and total subscribers for each list during that timeframe. This will allow us to not only create monthly campaigns but also track list growth over campaign periods. 

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We love your Campaign Dashboards!


We often have to send 5 to 7 separate emails for 1 campaign so as to get your Dashboard Performance Stats


Constant Contact - Campaign Dashboard Performance by List.png


I'd like to see two new reporting functionalities...


1. It'd be great to be able to automatically see/break down views, opens, click, etc. by the each list an email is sent to. For example, we send our employee newsletter to 4 different offices (all distinguished by their own list)...I'd like to see how each office is engaging compared to the others. 


2. An engagement report that tracks engagement over time...One should also be able to view who the most/least engaged recipients are over time - not just for one email campaign.

When I look at the opened mail, I need to be able to see what group each individual was in. This is extremely important!
I need to be able to see what lists are successful. I want to sort by list (and that's not even an option to see!). I'd also like to sort by last name or first name. I couldn't see how to do that. But most importantly, I want to see the lists in that view.

Make reporting broken down by contact lists available now. 


People have been asking for the ability to break reporting down by contact list since 2014. Constant Contact, when will we be able to see this? I can't get important insights into who is truly interacting with my emails if the data groups everyone together. HELP!

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Agree, Agree, Agree, - As someone said below. I would love to/NEED TO  be able to view reports on separate lists to easily see which lists are opening emails more frequently.

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I would love to be able to break reports down by list. We frequently send campaigns to multiple lists. If there's a list that doesn't want what we're sending, it's important to know that.

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