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Where do I find out how many active contacts I have? In he old system, I liked the contact tab better than this new tab. Confusing to delete addresses too, although I figured it out after a few minutes...

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Hello @MichaelN58039,


Thank you for submitting this feedback! We are relying on the feedback during the BETA phase to better prioritize our work. In order to view all your Active contacts, you will want to click Contacts > 3 dots on the top right > View All Contacts. Once you get on the 'All Contacts' page, there is a drop down for 'All Statuses' at the top, which you can choose 'All Subscribed' instead. This will show you all contacts that are actively subscribed to your account.


Are you able to share where you would ideally like to see this option? As well as what was confusing about deleting addresses that you would like to see changed?

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When I first hit the contact button up top, I would like to automatically see the total number of contacts subscribed without having to do the extra steps you guys implemented.  You are making this too complicated to use.  SIMPLE is BETTER.

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I don't like the new design of the Contacts page. I need to be able to quickly search for contacts by name. It used to be that the search form was available as soon as I click on Contacts. Now when I click on Contacts, I see Lists instead and I have to click on Contacts in the submenu, then click again to select Name in the dropdown to search for a person by name. This is very inconvenient.
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