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Want inline editing on contacts tab

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Want inline editing on contacts tab

I'm not sure how to edit. I simply want to add first and last name to an already existing contact.

CTCT Employee
I can't seem to find a way to edit the spelling of a last name that I manually put into the system
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Go back to the old way!!! Ì can`t edit my list names easily, can`t add contacts easily, nor choose where to put them

Updating contacts use to be easy.  Why did you change this???  Have you heard of the saying if it's not broken don't fix it.  OMG!  .... I need to update my contacts for an email that I need to send today and I can't figue this out. 


New Member

AGREED!!!! I can't get out a time sensititve email because some genius decided to make it IMPOSSIBLE to upload new contacts into a list or merge contacts at the click of a button - what the heck were you thinking??

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Cannot find how to edit/change new contacts
Frequent Visitor
Can't determine how to add an existing contact to an additional list.
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This should be easily seen and accessed.
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My home page shows I have over 200 contacts, but when I click on the Contacts tab, nothing shows up. How do I edit an existing contact?
Occasional Participant
Your previous set-up was much easier to use. Editing contacts is much more difficult in your new version of constant contact. I'm unable to delete the contact and start over...which is necessary since I am unable to delete a duplicate of the same email for the same person.
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HI Sherry, When you click the Contacts tab do you see a blank page or are you not seeing a specific contact? To edit a contact you will want to click into any contacts details from the list view and then click into any piece of information you want to edit. You will see the field open up for you to edit.