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Want inline editing on contacts tab

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I'm not sure how to edit. I simply want to add first and last name to an already existing contact.

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Contact update has changed. Addresses I added for my readers are no longer updateable by me. Can I override this limitation for email addresses added by me in 2008? Gord
In the old version we could easily access the whole information "card" for contacts, then change emails, or other info as needed. I don't see that now. Contact format is not "user friendly."

I am sorry for the confusion. Click into any contact to add, edit, or remove any details. The same card (with more options) is still a available for a contact. 

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I need to update an email address, but I can't see how to do it.
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It is not at all obvious how to add data like address, etc. Also when importing data, data is not added to appropriate fields

Hi Amy,

You can delete a contact by checking them off in any list view and use the More Actions menu to delete.


From within the contact details you can click on any information you want to edit and you will see the area open up. You can also click "Permission to Send" to Unsubscribe a contact instead of deleting them from the account. 

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Not happy about the new Contacts interface. I should not have to search unsuccessfully in Help to figure out how to add a first and last name to a contact's information. Very displeased.
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please make this function easier and quicker...have to edit one contact at a time. keeps putting NO in the name field! ugh.
I'm trying to edit incorrect email addresses in my bounced email list (from the most recent email I sent) and when I make changes, nothing happens. I can't get the changes to save. I am really not liking the changes you have made to Constant Contact! It is like starting over again to learn a whole new program.
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Very difficult to add name after email has been added.

Hi Pamela,


I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. You can edit a contact's information by first going into their profile. I am including additional steps in the link below:


View or Edit a Specific Contact


Please continue to let us know of any feedback that you have.


Thank you for your feedback! 


When you are correcting bounces you can either click in to the profile of the contact and correct the email address that way or you can click on the pencil to the right of the email address to correct it.  Which way are you trying to correct the email address?  If you click inside the profile can you choose save?  If you click on the pencil can you click enter to save the email address? 


We would be happy to continue to help you troubleshoot.  Please reach back out to us with more information on this or with any other questions or feedback!


Hi Cecelia,


Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion. Was there something specific about editing a contact that was difficult? Are you adding information? Are you trying to remove fields from an existing contact?


We do have another option available for you to update multiple contacts inside of the account at one time, by using a spreadsheet. You go through the "Add from a File" menu like normal, and when you get to the final step asking you to choose "What lists the contacts will be stored in", check the box at the bottom of that menu saying "I'm updating existing contacts, no need to worry about lists or tags". If you choose that option and submit the import, the system will go through and make sure that all of the information stored in the fields you labeled,match the information that is stored for the contacts.


Here is an FAQ that will walk you through importing from a file:


Be on the lookout for an email from us with some detailed, step-by-step instructions on how you can use this feature as well. And as always, please don't hesitate to let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us!

I like the new contact management system, but it seems a bit unstable. I have tried several times to correct the names that are associated with the emails but the change does not take.
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I am trying to update a contact list. When I click on an email address I am unable to add a name to an existing email in the contact.
I am knew to this actual program and we just download the customer list from the old website and found some customer information needs changing while others should be deleted. Can't find out how to do that I tried any it doesn't work

My comment is that I have tried and tried to contact you people to get some help..nobody gets back to my request and all you want is my opinion of how this is going.  Thit is not working.  Can someone at least return my phone call.  604-824-**Removed by moderator**

Thank you

John Pritchard


Hi Kristen,


When adding names to a already existing email, click the email to open their profile.  Once in their profile, click the Contact Name at the top, update, then click the blue save button.


If you have any other questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  Keep voting for ideas and giving us feedback, we want to know what will make the system better!


Hi John,


Sorry you are having issues, if you need immediate assistance reach out to our support team either by phone or by chat through the Help link in your account and they will be happy to help.  I have sent you an email with my contact information.  I am available to walk you through uploading and managing your contacts and also introduce you to the features that are included with your account.


Looking forward to getting everything taken care of on your side.


Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion.


There are different ways of editing contact details inside of your account. When viewing a contact, and you click to edit a field of information inside of their contact details page, you have to be sure to hit the "Save" button, near what you are editing. Once you have hit "Save", both the Save and Cancel buttons should disappear. This tells you that the system grabbed that changes you made.


The other option you have for updating contacts, is through a spreadsheet. This route is very handy if you need to update information for multiple contacts at once. In that case, you would format an excel spreadsheet to contain the contacts and the information that you want stored for them. Once you have your file set, you can import that by click "Add from a File" in the Add Contacts menu in the account. Once you choose your file where it is saved on your machine, the next step will be to label your columns of information. Here, make sure each column is titled correctly with what is contained in that column. Once you hit continue, and the system asks you where the contacts will be saved, you should see an option to select "I'm updating existing contacts, no need to add Tags or Lists".


Check off this option and then submit your import. The system will go through, it wont change where the contacts are stored at all, it will simply make sure that the contacts information matches the information that you set inside the Excel File before importing.


Here is also an FAQ that will walk you through importing from a file:


I know this is a lot to read through. If you have any questions on this process at all, please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. We would be more than happy to walk through this with you. Also, let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us!

My updates to contact names doesn't "stick" when I press save. I'm trying to capitalize the first letter of the first name of someone who signed up for our email announcements, but Constant Contact is not updating it.

Sorry to hear of the frustration regarding editing contacts. To edit you will want to click into any of the contacts individual details. You will be able to click on any information you want to update and the area will open up for you.


2-19-2014 12-43-34 PM.jpg



I needed to make a change to one contact. For some reason, once I was in the Contacts area I decided to check our main list of 500+ names. It took far longer than it might have, with a bit of programming by CC. • I started out looking at 50 rows per page. For reasons that will become clear later, I tried to expand the view. The highest that worked for me was 100 rows per page. • Several contacts needed name corrections. By trial and error I learned that one could not change the name and just click Save. Returning to the list after just those actions showed no change. I found that, after making a change, I had to click somewhere in the blank area of the page, let the gear wheel spin, and then click Save. Either eliminate that step or add an instruction about the intermediate step. • The only way to go back to the list page I was working on was to click the "back" button on my browser. There should be a "Back to List" button on the edit page. Since I had to go back and forth a lot, I tried to get more entries on each page -- thus my use of 100 rows per page. • When I deleted a contact, the List view reverted to the first page, not the page I had been working on. • After editing a contact, the back button did return to the page I had been working on, but all the way to the top. More scrolling or "page down" button to find my place. • The mechanism for scrolling from one page to the next is at the bottom of the page only. If one has to move frequently from page to page, that mechanism should at least appear at the top of the list as well. • When moving between list pages, the mechanism allows only one page at a time. So if I was working on page five and deleted a contact, and I was taken back to the first page each time (as mentioned earlier), I had to move through each page one at a time. The spinning gear wheel took several seconds to display each page. I think you should be able to change the mechanism to allow selecting the page one wants to go to. CC has been responsive to my feedback on other matters. I hope that pattern continues.
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Why isn't it easy to edit the data w/in the contact fields
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The prefix (Miss/Mr./Ms etc) does not show up on the contact "card". As example, our company CFO mistakenly input her name as Mr. Julie x. I would like to change it to Ms. Julie x so she can stop getting e-mails saying Dear Mr. X. WHERE is the prefix on the contact card? I would love to click on it as your instructions say above, but it's not there. If I download a contact list, it appears on the report. But not on the edit screen. Help!


Hi  , 

Can you email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com so I can look into this for you? Please refernce this post and include the exact email address that has the prefix information hidden.




I am trying to change an email for a member and I cannot.

Thank you for reaching out to us Richard!  I'm sorry you are having difficulties changing an email address for one of your contacts.  Below I have provided the steps on how to change this and other information for a contact's profile.


View or edit a specific contact's details


If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know!

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I inherited several contact lists from my predecessor and many of the entries have an insufficient amount of information (i.e. just email, no name...). I am looking to edit multiple contacts in the same list but after saving my edits I can't find a way to navigate back to the contact list. Instead I have to navigate back to the main contact screen, then select the contact list, then select the next contact to be edited. Another solution would be if there was a way to open each contact "In a new tab" with a right click option but it seems like due to the layout/navigation of the website that is not possible.
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Thanks for the feedback! We do have the ability to hit the "back" button on your browser, so remember that you can use it on your contacts pages to streamline the navigation. Please let us know if you would like to talk a little more about the new tools or if you have some additional feedback for us!
Status changed to: New
Thank you for your feedback Lisa, please continue voting for this and other adding/ editing features you want to see. We appreciate your suggestions and requests.
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Absolutely NOT easy to update contact info. How can get back to the old format?
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I have added the email addresses but can't find a way to put in each persons first and last name.

Hi Deborah,


Thank you for your feedback. These changes have been made to allow for features that customers have been asking for, unfortunately there's no way to change you back.


Can you give us some more details on why you are finding it difficult? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as we are continually making adjustments.


I am including some additional information in the link below to update contact information:


View & Edit Specific Contact Information


Thank you for reaching out to us Judy!  Click on the link below for the steps on adding in names for your contacts.


How to edit contact details


If you have any other questions or feedback please let us know!

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If there is a way to change the email without adding a new one, please let me know.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your post. Yes, you can change a contact's email address, by clicking on their name from the list view. This will bring you to their contact profile. About half-way down the screen, you will see their current email address. Click in that area and you will be able to make the change. Be sure to hit Save when you are done.


For more information on editing contact information, please click the link below:

View or Edit Specific Contact Information

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Difficult to navigate in contacts tab

Hi Cari,


Thank you for your feedback!  Below I have provided links to the steps to add a list.


Adding a contact list


What were you finding difficult about adding or editing a contact list? 


Please feel free to reach back out to us with any other questions or feedback!


Hi Edith,


I will be happy to help you with this. If you're adding them one by one, you want to click the "Add Contact" button then click the "Add" link under Additional to choose a field and input your information. 

As for the file import, please make sure that you select the fields in Constant Contact during the upload to match the fields from your file. Here's how: Adding Contacts from a File


Hope those steps help!




Social Support and Community

I wanted to add a first and last name as well as the email address. I typed in the name and it appeared as an error.
Status changed to: New
Elizabeth, I am sorry you are having trouble getting those added! Can you give us more information about the error you're seeing? What does it say? When you have a moment, I would recommend that you call the support team with this information so that we can get resolve this as quickly as possible. We can be reached at 855-229-5506 when you're ready!
I can not do change or adding contacts person information.
Occasional Contributor
I needed to change the company name on one of my contacts. I went to the contact record, hovered over the area where the name and company were displayed. The entire box was highlighted gray. When I put the cursor over the company name, it showed it as a clickable link, so I selected it and changed the company name. It changed the company name on 232 records! What I needed to do was to click on the name to edit the contact, but hovering over the name doesn't indicate that it is the clickable link I needed. This is very non-intuitive. The mistake I made must have been made by many, many editors!

Hi Kay,

I am very sorry to hear this happened to you. I appreciate your feedback on the process, I can understand how this could be confusing. I hope you were able to re-update the Company name for all and then change just the one contact to another company name. 

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There does not seem to be a way to edit an entry. We have some emails with no name just the email address and I cannot find a way to edit it so the email address has a person's name. The only way to do that, I find, is to make a whole new entry then delete the old entry??? Strange!

Hi @VirginiaS93

I am sorry to hear of the trouble editing, are you seeing any errors when you try this? What browser are you working in when this happens?

Status changed to: Voting Open
Solution Provider
It would be a great help to be able to edit contacts directly onto the chart shown on "contact management" page without clicking into each contact separately. The fields should be editable directly on the page