Want inline editing on contacts tab

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I'm not sure how to edit. I simply want to add first and last name to an already existing contact.

You need to have inline editing when viewing the list. This would save a TON of time when editing.
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It would be great if you could edit the contacts from the home screen instead of having to click on the name, go into their profile, make the change, save, then come back to the home screen. I am cleaning up our list of 600+ contacts and it is quite time consuming! Thank you Constant Contact!
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Add search button to the Contact Details page for continuous search ability:smileyface:


When you click on Contacts you get the search button which is good, but once you click on a contact the search button disappears. It would be nice to keep that button on all pages while in the Contact mode so you can continue searching instead of having to click on Contacts each time to get back to the beginning.

Every month I update my list to remove people whose memberships have expired. I search them in Contacts, click on their name and add them to an Expired list so I can shoot them 1 quick email to let them know in case they wish to rejoin. As I add them to this list, to get to another member I have to click on the Contacts tab and search from there. It would be good to be able to continually search from the same page! ( See image below and note how to find next person I have to go back out by clicking on Contacts. If search button was here I could just keeping going and skip the extra step).

Would be good to have search button right on this page to keep searchingWould be good to have search button right on this page to keep searching

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