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Website additions

PLEASE send me an email to the church address notifying me that someone has signed up for our eNewsletter via the website and that I should go look at the Welcome Email category to see who it is! I don't necessarily need a name of who signed up but a reminder that someone did sign up. Finding out only after I notice a new name in the list of who read the eNewsletter is not timely enough. This is my only complaint with Constant Contact. I know that computers can be formatted to send emails both ways....when you send a Welcome email to the new subscriber, you should also send an email to your customer. Thanks in advance for coming up with a solution. Clifford King Harbin, St. John's, Portsmouth, VA

Hi @424Washington thank you for reaching out with this feedback! I understand how important it is to keep track of your contacts. The good news is an email like this is available through our Automatic Email Updates for Sign-Ups and Unsubscribes. I would suggest taking a look at this setting and updating it to an email address you have access to.

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