When will CC be 'usable' on a MS Surface Pro

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My hardware technology seems to be ahead of CC programming. Having spent my adult life in IT...I sure understand how complex programming is for a multitude of platforms. I've been forced to use an 'old' computer attached to my 'big screen' to manage CC for my Event. And then I have to 'flip' back to my Surface to communicate with my group. I'm hoping that there is plan to bring CC into the world of Tablets before our next event is planned. Please say that you're working on it...!! Thanks...

HI @FashionMattersChicago 

Can you tell me more about what isn't working on the tablet? The Toolkit account is designed to function on mobile devices overall. IS there a specific action that isn't working on the device? What mobile browser are you working in?

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Well...pretty much 'a lot' doesn't work.  I don't have time this evening...but if you go and look at the support threads that were created whenvever I called into support.  Look between mid-January and mid-February...!  I was told that there were fields and functions that I couldn't use because I was using a 'MS Surface Pro' with Windows 8 & Firefox Version 36.0. 


So I had to use my husband's computer which was 'older' and slower...but I could actually see all the fields and functions that I couldn't see using my Surface.


In the next few days, when I'm done with my project work, I can open up CC on my Surface Pro and take screen shots of what I see and the issues with it...and send them to you in an email.  If that works for you...please give me a usable email address.




Mary Barto


 HI @FashionMattersChicago 


Thanks for the reply. Since you have the new Toolkit account the older posts in the forums won't match up exactly. Older accounts have been updated but function differently than Toolkit accounts which should work on the device in question.


You mentioned not seeing "fields or functions" so this makes me think the page isn't loading all the way. I would love to see your screenshots, please email us here. Just reference this post. Also, please include your location (general area and state is fine) as well as who your internet service provider is if you know.





Hi Mary, 

I got your email today, I emailed you back on 3/12 around 9:30am. It doesn't sound like you go this email so I re-forwaded it. Please let me know if you still are not getting these!

Hannah...not seeing anything ...!!


Sorry to hear this @FashionMattersChicago. The email is coming from support@constantcontact.com.


I've added the contents of my email to your case as a comment so you can see it when you are logged in. Please login to your account and click Help & Tips > More Help > My Support History.


From the drop down menu choose to veiw your open cases and find case number "14337960". You will see my comment here for you. You can reply directly here too.



Hannah...I followed your instructions but I cannot locate:  'My Support History'...!!


Login/Help & Tips/More Help/ ???  Nothing there that says:  My Support History...!  At least that I could find...!???


Hi @FashionMattersChicago

Are you working on the tablet? This might be part of this issue. My email says:


Thanks for your patience with this. We were able to do some testing on a Surface Pro in the office and can't replicate the issues you are showing. From a technical view, it doesn't look like the style sheet is loading in your browser. Do you have another browser downloaded on your Surface? If so, this is the first place to try working. You can always download a browser like Chrome to test in.If you don't have or can't download another browser lets try launching Firefox in Safe Mode. Here are some directions on how to do this. If this works we will know that it's a plugin or application in Firefox that is the problem.Please let me know how these tests go.

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