Where do I start? Massive 'Contacts' UI problems

I've been a business partner with Constant Contact managing a large number of accounts since 2007. For the first time in 7 years my clients are emailing me asking for help with their contact lists, and I was on the phone with CC twice this morning with my own questions. - The previous system made it very clear when you moved contacts from list to list whether you were a) copying them or removing them when you moved or added them from one list to another, and b) what list they were coming from and going to. The new system is the opposite. When you click the action button that says "Add to list", the next thing you see are your list names. IT WOULD MAKE SENSE that if you have several lists and only want to add contacts from List A into List C, for example, that you would leave List B unchecked because you don't want to do anything with at all. Instead, when you click to proceed the unchecked List B will have its contacts moved to the other list. And they will not just be copied from List B into anther list, they will be removed. (No way to figure out which ones they are and get them back into the unchecked List B, which is now empty. All of this was confirmed with the tech from CC this morning.) The list that is checked by default is the one in which the contacts in question are already, and the one that is unchecked, List B, is the one from which the contacts will be taken. You would have to search a long time to find something LESS intuitive. - When you add emails and names by typing them in there is no separate field for first and last name. I have not explored the ramifications of this yet, but I am wondering if this will create problems. Does CC figure out which part of complicated multi-part names are first and which ones are last names? Is there anything wrong with having a 'first name' field and a 'last name' field? Did anyone ever complain about that? - When you want to export a list, the "Export" button does not appear until AFTER you select the emails you want to export. The user is supposed to know that an option not shown on the interface will magically appear if he or she has enough faith and just starts to do it anyway. Does Amazon hide the "Buy now" button until after you click on the item? What other options are hidden from us on the CC interface that if we just imagine that they might exist and start acting like they exist, will magically appear? Please explain how this is supposed to be better. I can't believe anyone ever complained about the old Contacts interface, which was so efficient, functional and easy to use that anyone could use it. I am far more tech-savvy than most of my clients and I am having massive problems with this, not to mention the frustration of thinking of how much money and time CC spent in order to completely botch the Contacts interface and create more work for the users, especially those of us managing multiple accounts. "Progress" and "upgrade" are supposed to equate to "better".
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