Where is the save button?

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Sometimes when I make a new contact, there is a save button. Often, there isn't. Are these contacts being saved? I don't have time to scroll through the enormity of our list looking for one new email.

I needed to check on a person on our mailing list. When I updated the lists she needed to be on, there was no 'save' button. I hope the information was saved. Needing to repeat the process would be a time waster....
I have input 30 names and emails and phones. Where on this **bleep** screen is a "save"
I added contacts. There was not a "save contacts" button when I was done. Went to next page thinking it is automatically saved maybe? No! Contacts and time gone. Why don't you make this easy?? I looked up "saving contacts and there is nothing!
How in the heck do you save these things? I've lost tons of work because I had to step away and there's no "save" button, it logged me out, wouldn't let me stay on page. This is not good.
I'm having trouble adding contacts to a new list. After I added 30 there was no where to click and save and I lost all my contacts. NOT VERY USER FRIENDLY!!!!


Why is there a save button for the name portion only, but when you finishing editing the contact information other than the name, there is NO SAVE button to be found for blood or money? Will I lose my data entry?
I'm trying to (for the SECOND TIME) create a list for our employees and it's not letting me add anymore...I have about 100 + to add and it's not letting me even save! HOW DO I SAVE MY CONTACTS/LIST!????!!!! I DON'T WAN'T TO LOSE THEM! :(
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after loading 20 emails, first and last names no SAVE, CONTINUE, IMPORT etc option is offered My work is lost .... again
don't see any save button or another form to continue to add contacts
There is no option to save the contact once you make edits. It makes it difficult to determine if updated information is actually being saved and in my case, it was not saved and I had to start over.
After entering all contacts and info, no place to save???
I have now twice hand-entered a bunch of contacts and then pressed the blue continue button. Both times the contacts I had just entered were then completely lost. This is a terrible waste of my time. Why would you allow the continue button not to save contacts?! I'm ready to start looking for a different service.

I spent the last two hours loading contacts from business cards only to lose them all while trying to find out how to save. All I see is a "continue" button, but no save button. I clicked on "sign-up tools" trying to determine how to save, but unfortunately lost everything without any warning. Extremely frustrating. Which this software were more user friendly for someone like myself just starting without much training.


HI @ThomasR839

I am sorry to hear this happened. The continue button is the button you will want to push to move forward with adding contacts to your account. This will take you to the next step of which list you would like to save the contacts in. Can you give this a try again?


Thanks for your feedback on this!

I have entered First, Last names (in that order) and their email addresses... But I see NO place to click-on and save the list...?
won't let me add - also won't let you choose phone/address types - stuck on HOME - very iffy system

Hi @MichaelL.F


Once you've entered in the contacts' information you should see a blue button at the bottom right hand corner that says "Continue" like you see here:

enter contacts.png

By clicking that button you'll be taken to the next page where you can choose what list you would like your contacts added to, or you can click the blue plus sign to create a new list. You can also add tags to your contacts from this screen. It'll look like this:

enter contacts 2.png

And clicking "Import" will add the contacts to your account and finish the process for you. Are you experiencing any issues where the buttons like "continue" and "import" are not displaying on your screen? If so, please let us know so that we can take a closer look and see what's going on, thank you!


Hello @DelaneyRestaurantRealty


I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble adding a group of contacts. When you are adding the contacts, what option are you choosing: Add from file, add multiple contacts, or add a single contact?  What happens when you try to add contacts, do you get an error, cannot press the continue button, or something else?  


Currently the only way to edit the type of address or phone is to create a single contact, where it allows you to specify home, work, other.   If you are uploading via any other method, it will default to Home like you stated. 

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I spent several days doing updates only to find that my "add" did not take because the"save' message is only seen when you scroll down the page..
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I just spent an hour checking people to add to a mailing and there was no way to save it when I got to Z. For those of us that don't use CC every day, order of operations is not obvious.
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I've had the same problem!!! Entered 20 contacts, lost them. Thought I did something wrong because I left and came back. Entered 40, clicked continue, and POOF! All my data entry is gone!!! 


Can anyone help? I have to believe they're saved somewhere...but not sure where.


This is a major UX issue for new users, which I am...but thinking maybe I may not be after this. 


Can't believe these things haven't been fixed.  it is now June 16, 2020, and I am asking the same question. Where is the SAVE BUTTON and why couldn't CHAT help me? They tried to find articles to send me that did not help. Where is the bleepin' SAVE feature?  I have been on hold for over 1 hour. 


Hi @PJohnson where in your campaign are you looking for this button? Where do you expect the save button to show?


Reply from @PJohnson 

I found out there is not a "SAVE" button at the end of a page of contact inputs. It says "IMPORT". Guess I and others thought "SAVE" should come before "IMPORT".

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