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Where is the save button?

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Where is the save button?

Sometimes when I make a new contact, there is a save button. Often, there isn't. Are these contacts being saved? I don't have time to scroll through the enormity of our list looking for one new email.

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All Star
I needed to check on a person on our mailing list. When I updated the lists she needed to be on, there was no 'save' button. I hope the information was saved. Needing to repeat the process would be a time waster....
New Member
I have input 30 names and emails and phones. Where on this **bleep** screen is a "save"
New Member
I added contacts. There was not a "save contacts" button when I was done. Went to next page thinking it is automatically saved maybe? No! Contacts and time gone. Why don't you make this easy?? I looked up "saving contacts and there is nothing!
New Member
How in the heck do you save these things? I've lost tons of work because I had to step away and there's no "save" button, it logged me out, wouldn't let me stay on page. This is not good.
New Member
I'm having trouble adding contacts to a new list. After I added 30 there was no where to click and save and I lost all my contacts. NOT VERY USER FRIENDLY!!!!
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Why is there a save button for the name portion only, but when you finishing editing the contact information other than the name, there is NO SAVE button to be found for blood or money? Will I lose my data entry?
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I'm trying to (for the SECOND TIME) create a list for our employees and it's not letting me add anymore...I have about 100 + to add and it's not letting me even save! HOW DO I SAVE MY CONTACTS/LIST!????!!!! I DON'T WAN'T TO LOSE THEM!
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after loading 20 emails, first and last names no SAVE, CONTINUE, IMPORT etc option is offered My work is lost .... again
New Member
don't see any save button or another form to continue to add contacts