Why are you adding extra clicks to do the same thing that was possible with the previous iteration?

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Old Contact: Click add contact button -> Type email address -> click which lists -> Submit. 


New Contacts: Click to few a specific list -> Click add contact -> Add email -> click ok -> open a screen where you can choose which lists -> Submit. 


So, why was the add contact button removed from the first page in Contacts? The screen that the add contact button brings up is all you need to chose what list(s) a single contact gets added to. 


Also, what is the point of the small email address pop-up when you add a contact when the next window is just going to be the one I posted above where you can just type the email address in and not have an extra, pointless, click before getting to the window that actually gets something done. 



Since the add contact window still has a checkbox list for adding a new contact to whichever lists you have, what difference does it make what page you access that window from? 


HORRIBLE! The whole new contact list format was changed where I hardly recognize anything. Manually inputting names and emails will now take 3 times as much time as before! I want my platform changed BACK to where it was for the past 3 years!
Hi guys, you completely took away the ability to quickly add a contact :frown: not even sure HOW to add one now. Please roll back the release until you can fix this.

I really DO NOT like the new way you have for adding contacts.  Please put the old way back!  The new way requires a lot of extra clicks.  It took me several minutes to just figure out how to even get to this option!


I was also very frustrated with providing this feedback!  Please keep it straightforward and don't automatically send me to help I did not ask for.


Thanks, from a 5+ year user of your product.



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Hi everyone, thank you for sharing your feedback with us on this process of adding contacts into your account. We apologize for any inconvenience this update in our contact management dashboard may cause. What about the current steps or form for adding a contact does not fit your needs? What changes would you like to see in the process to make it easier?

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I hate this thing. We rarely enter company info and I have to scroll all over the place to just enter basic info. I also want to change the columns displayed but not all fields show. Is there a way to elect the old format?
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