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Why so many steps to update profile?

If somebody clicks on Update Profile it takes them to a web page, they hit submit, then they have to go back and get another email just to get to the Update Profile web form!?!?! Am I missing something, or is this Rube Goldberg approach necessary for a user to update their profile? 


I get why you want to confirm the email address before sending the user on to the profile page, but why not just load it directly vs. sending yet another email with a link to the profile page? 




- Dave

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Re: Why so many steps to update profile?


Thank you for posting. I really appreciate your feedback on this topic and can understand the frustration in having this many steps. Part of the reason here is to make sure that the person making updates to the profile, is in fact, the correct recipient of the emails. Often times, emails are forwarded to other people and we want to make sure that they are not changing profile settings for the original recipient, thus the step of sending an email. I hope this makes sense but I can certainly understand where you're coming from on this.

Eric G.
Community Support