Wording of Resending

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Wording of Resending

When a Contact record has a bounce due to typing error in email address and the problem is Fixed using the bounce list and the Edit function, we are told to use the Resend on the Email Campaign. The wording of the 2nd Choice is: "New Contacts since email was last sent." This is a bit erroneous to users that belive the Contact is not new but their email address was corrected. A new contact would be one we import or Manual add to the contacts area and the list we used for Message Blast. Could wording be changed to: New Contacts and Bounced Contacts with fixed email addresses since last sent. ?
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HI @RobertP838

Thanks for posting this feedback! Would you like to see the exact address that you are resending to or just the number of people the resend will go to? 

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Hannah_M   I'd like to be able to see the type or reason they were part of resend - a type of Tag I guess..  Was the Contact record's email address corrected on bounce list or had the person been added  to list Manually or through import after the original message was sent out.


We have compliance issues as a Volunteer run not-for-profit organization. We need to be able to answer questions on the messages being sent out.


DId you send the message to all members"  When?.

Was the message opened? When?  If not opened Why?

DId it Bounce? Why? What did you do to correct address? When was it resent.


Being able to say the message did bounce for X number of Memners(messages),  Y number of addresses where repaired on Bounce list on this Date and resent on this Date helps. At this point the Inital Bounce Count stays the same even when we correct email addresses.





Thank you for this detail, it helps to understand the importance of this feature for you.


Please continue to share and vote on any ideas you would like to see implemented in the future!

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