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Ladies & Gents: Is there any way to disable the invitations/offers/etc. - - including the yellow ribbon (i enclosed in a circle), that seem to be ever-increasing on your site? As a paying member/user, shouldn't I have the option to opt out of all of these things? I can understand the eagerness of your marketing/technical team to get your messages out and I'm sure some of them are very exciting - - - I'm just not interested, I am too busy getting out my e-marketing campaigns and I don't want to keep seeing this forced advertising!!!!! Please advise!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
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YES! Once I click "not interested", I shouldn't get the pop up again. At the very least, it should thereafter be minimized to a inline-ad and not a pop-up.


Especially when your system logs me out constantly, and I have to log back in repeatedly throughout the day. Having to opt out of reading about your (ridiculously overpriced) seminars again and again is really annoying!


And, you know, this is fairly out of character with Constant Contact's policies for our behavior. If someone unsubscribes from my email, I'm not allowed to just add them back in. If they update their profile to be removed from a list, and I add them back on that list, I'm pretty sure Constant Contact would sanction me. So...why is what's good for the goose not good for the gander?

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Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. If you have you cache/cookies clearned when you close your browser than you may have to close the overlay everytime as it's stored until you close the screen. What browsers are you working in when this happens so we can test on our end?

Hi, I like the software, but don't block me from logging in with notices! If I've seen them once, I do not need to be stopped from logging in by these. Thanks for the offers of web seminars and other news, BUT DO NOT BLOCK ME FROM LOGGING IN. I do not need to see these every time I log in which is several times a day when I'm working on an email. Show it on the screen fine, but let me log in with out having to close your extra window!
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