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Your "Help" instructions don't work and your "chat" is useless.

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Your "Help" instructions don't work and your "chat" is useless.

Please provide correct instructions for removing list of Bounced/Recommended for Removal contacts.
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Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello Kim. Sorry to hear you ran into problems with the instructions to remove bounces. Was this the article you were viewing? It looks like it is one of our longer articles since managing bounces is one of the more confusing topics for email marketing in general. If there was a specific step you remember that was holding you up, I'd be happy to see what improvements could be made.


In the meantime, were you able to get help removing your bounces? If that's still an outstanding need for you, we can get in touch with you to go over that.


Also, not to gloss over the part about chat support, if you have any more specifics on the trouble you ran into there I would like to know. Sorry for all the additional questions, I just want to make sure we get everything addressed properly.