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It would be nice if, when adding a contact, a drop down of my current lists would show up. That way I could attach the new contact to the list at that time, and not have to search for them and add to list at later time. Also, a easy step by step instruction on how to "add a contact to a list", would also be helpful. I searched, "how to add contact to a list" and did NOT find an easy solution.

Thanks for posting! You can choose a list during the import process after checking off that you have permission to email the contacts. 


It looks a little different depending on how to upload contacts but here is an example of how it looks while adding a file:

Add to lists (file).jpg

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Your instructions when adding contact over 1 meg is that you need to reduce the file size to under 1 meg. after doing so I only find that it also needs to be under 10,000 contacts MAX, in addition to the file size. You need to add this to your "red" help info. which comes up when trying to load contacts more than a meg in size.

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