cannot change someone's e-mail address

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Hi I recieved a message saying someone wanted the newsletter to go to a different address. I tried to do it on your system and I can't - perhaps because he has clicked some authorisation link and it says 'permission to send'. I feel rude telling people they must login themselves and work out how to use your software etc and do it. But the only way I can do it is by unsubscribing them and creating a new contact which is on the same lists, which is quite tedious. Is there an easier way?

Thank you for this feedback.


You should be able to update this contact's email address by viewing their contact details and then clicking on their email address.  This will give you the option to edit it as you need.  If you are still having trouble doing so, let me know and we can have someone reach out to you.


This FAQ may be helpful:

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