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cant see removed by date

with the new formatting, I can't see when someone unsubscribes themselves. I can see when they were added, and updated, but not unsubscribed. this new formatting is more difficult to figure out.
Occasional Visitor
The way you have it now, when I have new opt outs, I have to review the entire list. What happened to the opt out date field?
It would be helpful to show on the individual contact profile the date they unsubscribe. Some subscribers don't remember unsubscribing or think they are unsubscribing to just one email in particular. Its difficult to address their questions without supporting data.
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If you are going to keep the current search function, you need to at least give alphabetical tab options to speed up the search by last name.

I hate that you took a simple, easy to manage process and complicated it. Takes much longer to export contacts and I have yet to figure out why they're no longer in alphabetical order and why I can't put them in order. I know, I know, I should take the time to learn the new site or speak with your very courteous phone representative who called to walk me through it. And just as soon as I have that kind of time, I'll get right on it. If I had that kind of time, I would be collecting and managing my own contacts. Maybe sometime next year.

Occasional Contributor
Could one click on the header of the different columns and have the lists sort for the different headings? Time is especially important.
Occasional Contributor
sometimes it seems the time is chronologically sorted and at other times it isn't? Not sure why I've seen both.
Occasional Advisor
Please give us back the old system. It was far from perfect but the new system is next to useless.
You need to supply a way to export bounces and/or opt outs using a date range of e-blasts. Also, it is critical for us to be able to tie a piece of our specific data to our email addresses. We have a lot of extra work in managing these emails in our CRM system because we cannot associate our customer's account number with the email.
How do I get a list of unsubscribes by DATE they unsubscribed
Occasional Visitor
Hi, At first glance, not liking the way you have changed the contact listings. 1) It is much more involved to add a contact 2) My contacts are not alphabetized so it is impossible to find one person. 3) Too many steps just to add a contact.
This tries to predict what I'm typing and after just 3 characters kicks me out of the box before I've even completed my entry. I also prefer to select which field I'm searching by right from the start, i.e. company, last name, email, etc. The old system was far superior.

Thanks for this feedback. The search function now searchs everything but if you would like to narrow it down more you can use the Advanced options under the main search box. 

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Searching "email Address Includes" is sorely missing. Large databases created without the new 'tagging' method have been rendered much less accessible. Very, very disappointing.
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MOD Hanna_M

Your answer is incorrect. There is no ability to search, for example


Any suggestions?


Hi CharlesC77722,

Thanks for yoru feedback. You can search by domain only if you want. If you would like to use the basic search box you will have to leave out the @ sign.


1-15-2014 7-47-27 AM.jpg


Or you can click the "Advanced" link under the basic search tool and include the @ sign if you want. You will see in this example I have searched by "Email Address" and "Ends with" since we're using a domain as the example. 

1-15-2014 7-50-14 AM.jpg


Are you seeing an error when you try to do this?

I was going through my company's data base with bounced since this change, all the emails are mixed up. I have to go over the list again, which consists of 500+ contacts. And I really do not understand why the emails are being organized by the alphabet when it's still not in order and some of them are not organized by the alphabet?

Thanks for this feedback. Please let us know what questions we can help with to help make the process simpler. 

Senior Member
I was always able to view my contact list alphabetically in the order of the company name, but now it only does it first for those contacts with a first and last name listed,
Solution Provider
when you updated the format for lists of contacts, you took away the alphabetized option A,B,C, etc., at the bottom of the made it so much easier to find contacts rather than having to use the arrows at the bottom might want to add back as it was much quicker the other way...
Occasional Contributor
When I go into a sent email and look at the list of clients who haven't opened the email, I try to sort that list alphabetically by last name in ascending order. But the system seems to sort them in a random order. For example, they are sorted in this order of the alphabet: A, Z, B, H, J, M, N, I, C, G, T, P It similarly doesn't sort them properly when I choose to sort by first name or by email address. In all cases, it doesn't sort properly. Thanks.
New Member
I find this new way of adding contacts confusing. There are more steps and not as much clarity as to where to place them. I added five emails to one an email distribution list and because I hadn't added the names, I had to search through the entire bottom of the list to make sure they got in and had to re-input 2 of them. The bottom part beyond the alphabetized names/emails was in no particular order - not by most recent or alphabetical. Why complicate this process? I used to be able to enter a new contact and just choose the list I wanted it on.
Alpha order for contacts?? Why aren't they in order?? They are in blocks that have alpha headings, but seems like no rhyme or reason how they are arranged.
Before the "upgrade" an export of the unsubscribed emails gave me the DATE that someone unsubscribed - however NOW that is NOT the case. Typically "upgrades" don't truncate information that is valuable / useful.

Thank you for your feedback, David! 


If you export the unsubscribed contacts it will give you a "last updated" date.  This date could be the date that they unsubscribed or the last time this contact was updated.  The last time they were updated could mean the last time someone tried to add the contact to the account but they could not be added because they were unsubscribed, it would then change the "last updated" date.


We appreciate your feedback and take it very seriously.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any other questions, concerns or feedback!

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Thanks for submitting your feature request.
Occasional Visitor
Every time I look for an email address and add it to a tag I have to start back at the beginning of the list to look for the second email. Why does it keep going back to the beginning and why can't the addresses stay in alphabetical order? They revert back over and over to all mixed up.
Occasional Participant
The display does not seem to use the Sort on the Name Column. lt is showing L lastnames then B then N etc... not sort to the main sections. The names within each letter group appear to be sorted.
When I click on a set of contacts it always comes up alphabetized by first name. But it's only the first name under each letter. Totally worthless when P follows A and only the first name under each letter is alphabetized. No matter how many times I select Last Name and Ascending it always goes back to First Name and Desdending. No matter how many times I request to see 100 names at a time, it goes back to 50.

Hi Anita!


I have sent you an email with my contact information, I would like to talk to you about this in more detail so we can fix what's happening.  The pages are designed to remember what sorting option you prefer and keep those.  Please get back in touch with us at your earliest convenience so we can try some troubleshooting steps.


I am sorry to hear of this frustration. Can you tell me more about where are you seeing this? Is this in the Did Not Open report?


Also, what browser/version are you working in when this happens?

Frequent Visitor
Hi there, I would like to see the date unsubscribed as a option on the table layout when viewing unsubscribed contacts. It used to be there and now it's gone. Or - even better - the option to print an unsubscribe report that shows name, email, date unsubscribe, reason and perhaps last month engagement.

Hi MarthaC16 ,


Sorry to hear you are having issues adjusting to the new format. The Add Contacts process is the same as before -- Adding Contacts one by one, several at a time, from a file etc. The layout on that part has just changed with the new interface. As for searching, we have now provided 2 ways to search: 1) a quick search so you can enter the contacts' first/ last name and 2) Advanced Search to be able to filter your searches better. Pelse feel free to try both. Also, you can go to our Contacts Resource Center so you can learn about all the new features.


Hope this helps.!


Thank you for your feedback and ideas, we are gathering information from customers on what they would like to see in the system to make things smoother for what they do.  Your feedback is important for us to know how to serve you best!  

If you go to your contacts tab, and go to Unsubscribes on the left you can select all the information for Export.  This isn't exactly all of the information you are looking for but it may be a good start to a printable report you can use.


Please continue to provide us with detailed feedback and vote for other ideas you think would be helpful! 

Greetings - I've noticed that some of the contact lists (the particular one that I am looking at now is the list of contacts that clicked on a link in an e-mail) have put a new twist to the concept of alphabetical order. Contacts are divided by letter but order is not alphabetical. It's not the end of the world but it is a little odd. A fix would be appreciated. Thanks
Please put all our contacts in alphabetical order!

Thank you for reaching out to us, Teena!  Below I have provided a link to an FAQ that will give you the steps to sorting your contacts.


How do I sort my contacts?


Within the FAQ it says this "When you are viewing your individual contacts, every column heading can be used to sort through them.  Just click on a heading." below I have provided a picture of the heading.  You can simple click on Name, Email, Company, City, State and it will allow you to sort alphabetically.




If you have any other questions or feedback, please let us know!

I'm having extreme difficulties tracking my bounced emails and evaluating my contacts. I've experienced a number of problems: - I cannot export some or all of the bounced emails; each time I attempt an export, I get 50 randomly selected bounced addresses. They are not alphabetized or organized in any way. Even when I sort by undeliverable and try to export the 40 undeliverable addresses, I get 50 random bounced addresses. What's going on? - When I view my overall contact list of who bounced, all I can see is the name, reason, and email. The list is not alphabetized or organized in any way. I'd like it to be alphabetized, but more than that, I would like control to sort and organize to meet my needs. I'd like to see a company name blank or something so that I can sort by company. At least give me the options for sorting by a variety of fields. -Why are my bounced/delivered histories only available for 7 days in report form? I used to be able to track statistics for longer amounts of time and view the results in an easy report format. This new system should have undergone better beta testing before public launch.
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I was told by your chat agent i needed to post this.  So hopefully someone will read this and see if this is a Good Fix for All.


I send out an Email marketing letter to 500.  5 opt out. I go to Contacts, Unsubscribed, and those 5 are there.  Columns show date I added them, but no date they were removed.   I go to my computer where my Original list came from and easily delete those 5 from my master to make sure if i send a letter out from my computer vs Constant contact.


I send  out a second email marketing to 445.. 15 opt out. I go to Contacts, Unscribed, and now i see 20 unsubscribed contacts.  There is no date indicating what date they opted out. so for me to go to my master list on my computer, I will have to look up all 20 (including the first 5) one at a time. 


Next month if I have 10 opting out, then it will be impossible for me to manage my master with making sure i do not ever send opted outs from CC or my master list.  I had a fuming person today yelling at me.


Can you add Opted Out Date Column in Contacts Section


Add Unscribed or opted out area on the Email Mareting page where you click on the date of your email and it already shows how many you send to, how many clicked, and what link they clicked on , AND How many didn't open it...


i would lappreciate your at least emailing me that you are working on this.  




Thank you for your great feedback!  You can actually see your unsubscribed contacts from the Email tab > Reports and in the table below the graph click the number in the Opt Out column for the email you are interested in.  We are also working on adding a feature that will allow you to see who has unsubscribed from a uploaded file, so stay tuned for this future update.  Please keep providing us with valuable feedback about making the product better and remember to vote for other ideas you think would be helpful.

Occasional Contributor
Just spoke with one of your managers who mentioned probably ten times that I can provide my feedback about features that are no longer available to me and that I am not happy with. How about not taking those features away in the first place? How about making those changes optional instead of having your "improvements" forced on me? Your program is actually slower because of these "improvements", are you aware of this?

Hi Darrell,


I'm very sorry for the inconvenience these changes have caused. Our developers are working hard to add features based on feedback from our customers. What are the specific features you are looking for?

In the old Contacts page it was possible to sort the "Do Not Mail" list by the date on which they unsubscribed. This doesn't seem to be possible in the new Contacts page?
Occasional Contributor
it would be more helpful if you could have them sorted by the date they unsubscribed.

This used to be possible!  And it was helpful - it made it easy to see who were the recent unsubscribes.

Occasional Contributor
In the new system, I can no longer see the date people unsubscribed. Before, I used to go into CC once a week, download my unsubs, and use the date of the unsub to then go into my membership database and mark some fields in their record, noting that they'd unsub'd from emails. I can no longer do that and it creates chaos. The "Updated" date that you give me in the Excel isn't the date they unsub'd, it's the date I last did anything with their record. I need that unsub date back! Thank you.
Occasional Contributor
This is really frustrating. Every week I need to find out who recently unsubscribed. Ever since the format change I can no longer sort by Date Removed so instead I have to export the entire list and sort by Date added and that isn't the same so I have to sort through a lot more data to find the people that recently unsubscribed. Please add an option to sort the list by date unsubscribed!
Occasional Visitor
On the Bounced list for emails, why are the names not alphabetized? I was looking for a Killean Colton in the Bounced emails. I could not find his name in the first set of names listed under C but did find his name in a second listing of names under the letter C. Why two C's or any other letter of the alphabet? Also, why can't I print out all of the Bounced names? I had to have one of your reps show me how and this list is very cluttered after printing. Love you service but this part is aggravating. Thanks, Mike Ward pdtflep

Hi Ryan,


Thank you for your feedback!  It is very important, and we highly value your opinion. Please continue to vote, and don't hesitate to let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us! You can also reach our support team at 800-240-2302.


Thank you for being a part of Constant Contact!o


Hi Mike,


Thank you for your feedback!  Currently the bounce report is sorted by date and you can choose to sort it by bounce type, we don't offer the ability to sort it alphabetically.  You can export the report to excel and sort it alphabetically that way.


Regarding printing the reports for an email, we do not offer the ability to print those reports however, you can export them to excel and print them from there.


Click on the link below for steps on exporting reports:


Exporting reports


We appreciate the feedback and encourage you to continue you voting if you agree.  If you have any other questions or feedback please feel free to reach back out to us.  You can also reach our support team by phone at 800-240-2302.


Thank you for being a part of Constant Contact!

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