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cant see removed by date

cant see removed by date

with the new formatting, I can't see when someone unsubscribes themselves. I can see when they were added, and updated, but not unsubscribed. this new formatting is more difficult to figure out.
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I found the old format for viewing who has opened an email much better. It was already sorted or viewed in a list with the most recent open first and by time of open. right now I can not sort to see who opened resently without going through the whole list or exporting it.... very inefficient.
CTCT Employee
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Thank you for posting your feedback. Would you be able to clarify which page you are looking when you see the time displayed like this?
CTCT Employee
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Thank you for passing along your feedback.
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I am trying to manage my Contacts. I just noticed that one has unsubscribed. WHEN did he do this? Where can I see the date that this was done? Robert B
Before the most recent change, we were able to see when contacts unsubscribed - by date. We would check weekly, and remove those unsubscribed addresses from ALL of our e-mail systems, not just the ones in Constant Contact. Now, we are unable to sort unsubscribed contacts by "date removed."
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I note that now all names will be alphabetical by first name. Is there any way I can add names so that the first and last name are separate categories as they were before? There were separate "boxes" for first and last names. How does it distinguish this now?
date unsubscribed should be a sort option in the unsubscribed list
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Please provide ability to create an excel report of unsubscribe data and provide the ability to select specific fields. thanks
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When exporting the Unsubscribed list it doesn't tell you when the email was removed and if the email was removed by the site owner or subscriber. This was something that used to be included and I would like to see it come back.
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Hi Deb,

I am sorry for the frustration. You can sort your lists by last name if you would like. Although the names show together they are entered in two different fields. Can you try sorting using the header options in your list?

Sort By Name.jpg

Just so you know, when you update these settings they will stick so you don't have to change them every time.