chosen lists not automatically checked on update profile screen in the second re-subscribe step

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When resubscribing the user enters all his/her information on a web page including the lists they want to subscribe to. Then the system sends an email directing them to update their profile. The user clicks on the hyperlink in the email which opens a new web page that looks almost identical to the first web page. The system automatically fills in all items with the information that was entered on the first web page except no lists are checked automatically so the user has to re-check the lists of interest a second time. It seems that this could be improved upon so that the lists checked on the first web page are automatically checked on the second web page. Then the user would simply have to verify that all items are populated correctly and only have to click the big "Update Profile" button at the bottom of the second web page to complete the re-subscribe process. Thank you, Tim

I understand how this could be frustrating. In lots of situations the lists will be the same on both the JMML form (first form) and the Update profile form (second form). You can control these one at a time to make them different or even have less required information if you would like! Just click Contacts> Sign Up Tools and then the Update Profile Form or Sign Up Form links.

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