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When I add new emails manually (on the multiple add form), after hitting submit, the confirmation on the screen (ie you have successfully submitted 5 emails)only pops onto the screen for half a second and if you don't catch it, you don't know if the emails have been successfully added. Seems like it might be a glitch that needs to be fixed and not a setting. Is there any way to adjust this?
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Hello @MikeR039,


Thank you for the feedback, at this time there is no way to adjust the timer on the banner that shows up, however you can still confirm if your contacts were added via the Activity screen. You can get to the Activity screen by clicking on Contacts > Activity (sub header below Contacts). If your contacts were successfully added, this screen will show that you added 5 (or however many) contacts.


I will also put this feedback in voting, to be able to customize the settings for the banner notification.


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