contact detail screen is now LESS functional

Your new contact details (management?) screen is less functional than before. It's now too spread out in the editing section, and not easily skimmable in the 'engagement' section. For editing, you should tighten it up. "Add phone number" should not take up an entire row plus blank row above it. I would make it a simple plus sign beside the word "phone". Same with "add another address" and "add another email". It's fine that you have them, just don't give the "add" functionality so much space. We get it; we can add lots of stuff. But for the most part I want to view the engagement info, which is now a mess! I want to be able to quickly skim down that list, as before, and quickly see which emails were opened and clicked. (nobody ever forwards, so I don't miss that info). And if the email address is bad, please put that into the engagement section as well. A simple "undeliverable" or whatever is fine. I can click through to the bounce list to find out why... but please tell me. That whole engagement list should be much wider so I can skim 1 outbound email per line, with the open & click info all on the same line. THAT would be useful. Right now it's messy and way too hard to skim. Call me if you need any clarification: 908-500-8899,
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Thank you for your feedback. If you agree that these changes would be useful, please vote for this idea.
Please make how to edit contact name, title, etc. more intuitive. I placed a call to your Help desk and they told me how, but it would have been better if I could have figured it out myself.
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