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When will we be able to do a partial search on the email? I know the last name is in the email address - in this case beazley but when I search on that under emails, it does not find sbeazley@xxxxxx
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Hi @RobertaC477  what are the steps you're taking to search for this address? Are you looking for your search to auto-populate based on the partial email address you enter? Are you unable to find your contact by searching through the last name category rather than email?

AWESOME improvement on the searching for contacts. I love it. Still needs an improvement though. When it searches, it only searched from the beginning of the name or email, and does not find the searched for text if it is imbedded in the email addres. EX.... I have a contact with the email scubaaddicts@xxx.xx So I search on "addic" and it does not find it. If I type in scuba, it is found. if I seartch for "with", it does not find Thank you
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Agreed... I type a name and record number for the 'Company' field. So one contact could include "Client 1234".   


If I search for '1234' - no result.  ugh. I just realized this and wasted over an hour of my time entering data that cannot be used.....

...and now I have to figure out a hack to circumvent this crappy search GUI, because I cannot use Custom Fields either... I have to enter another ticket to address that problem - Custom Fields can NOT be searched at all.


This seems basic and I am disappointed that a company focused on interacting with contacts has such a craptastic Customer search.


[edit 2020-08-10: I realize there's an advanced search, but the operators should include "has" or "contains" (in addition to is/starts with/is not/is blank)... or at least expand the auto populated search results to include the 'has' results.]

[edit 2 2020-08-10:  Wildcard search is a thing... it's just not advertized.... use "*" as an operator.]

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