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When I want to add current contacts to other lists, and I search them in the list... and click on their names, their names do not stay checked as I search for additional names. It makes it a much longer process. It would be more time efficient if we could search the names, check the ones we want, continue searching, then manage lists and add them all at once to the new list. Currently, unless you 'check' the names through scrolling, only one name will stay "checked" for you to add them to a new list. Thank you, Alexa
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Hi @AlexaT37 once you have searched, located and checked the contact you are working with, what are the steps you take to select the next contact? Are you looking for an option to save a selection you have made?

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I check the name, then empty the search field and search another name, check that name, and so on. They don't stay checked. I have to painfully scroll through all the names in order for them to stay checked. 

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Hi @AlexaT37 thanks for following up with these details! Having the ability to save a selection of contacts is a feature request we have tracked for you. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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Awesome. Thanks. 

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