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When I add a custom field in my contact form, I can't tell which field it is in the email - it just says "custom text 1", etc. Really frustrating!
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It's been broken like this for years. 

A real kludge, I have to have notes for all my clients that document what's what in each account.


Obliviously the two systems aren't tied together.


P.S.. Its' even worse now that you new system doesn't show us what custom field is being used.

We have to assume the top one is # 1 and so on I guess.


Your support folks told me to test it to see.   NICE.  Have your customers figure it our for themselves.

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Agree wholeheartedly. This is another major fail on the part of Constant Contact. Currently you offer the ability to create custom field LABELS but not custom field NAMES (the actual database ID of the custom field), which makes it difficult to determine what data comes from what field. This is also a major obstacle when implementing integrations with other platforms via the API--only the generic and very nonhelpful "Custom Field 1", "Custom Field 2" names come over to the integrated platform, so mapping data is really challenging. You've lost clients because of this as of today.

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AGREED! Other major providers allow for the ability to NAME the custom field (database ID) in addition to giving it a LABEL (front end user label). Giving it this generic and useless name is a huge obstacle to us. This is kind of a deal-breaker for us. Please escalate this!

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